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Pathways Collection Feature: Prospect

As promised, this week we will be focusing in on each individual pattern in the Pathways Collection by Laura Nelkin. For an overview of the collection, you can see the official introductory post here.

Today, we bring you Prospect, a lace shrug knit in one piece with a geometric lace pattern featured prominently on the back. Laura was kind enough to answer a few questions about this design, and we’ve also put together an alternate styling option on Polyvore for you!

KW: From start to finish, did this design go in the direction you thought it would, or were there some twists and turns along the way?

LN: Prospect Shrug was the last design in this collection… and I designed it on the needles. As I knit, I wasn’t sure how big that center square motif could be before I started to build out the arms and I kept changing my mind. For a while I thought I would add a “skirt” to it making it more of a sweater but I started to run into some major sizing issues and decided to keep it simple.  I’m still intrigued with playing with this concept, though, and might have to try it with something not quite so lacy!

KW: What aspect of this design do you think knitters will learn the most from?

LN: What I LOVE about this piece is the transition from working in the round to working flat. I think knitters will so enjoy seeing how the exact same stitch is worked in both techniques. Also the flow of stitch patterns in this piece is unique; it was designed so they flow seamlessly into each other which I really think helps a knitter to get to know what is happening on their needles in a more intimate way.

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{All images by and © Amanda Stevenson Lupke}

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