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#CrochetSummer2014 Pattern: Bobble Stitch Plant Coasters

In September of 2013, we (myself, Owen, Charlie + our 4 pets) moved into a new home. Like all things, the whole process did not go as expected, and after 360 days on the market, we finally closed the sale on our old house yesterday. After living with about 60% of our furniture for 12 months, we happily moved the last of it over this week.

Now that the other house has sold, our new home finally feels real, feels like the forever it was meant to be. It’s a little eclectic, needs a lot more work, (upstairs bathroom, I’m looking at you!), is a little funky, and very “us”. 

We were given a large sideboard from the early 20th century from one of our new neighbors soon after we moved in. (I’m still not quite sure if they took pity on our otherwise empty space, or saw us a suckers who’d save them the hassle of moving it out of their home.) The dining room gets lovely light most of the day, so I quickly began piling plants on it. And then quickly realized I was going to ruin the finish in about 2 seconds flat. 

The logical solution was to acquire coasters to put under the saucers so they wouldn’t scratch the finish and the moisture wouldn’t stain it. And, the logical solution for the coasters was to make some. The end result are these bobble stitch plant pot coasters. The thickness of the bobble and density of the Road to China Worsted make for a really lovely, thick padding, and the customization options are endless!

A tutorial for making the coasters, including the variety of customizations you see above, is available here. Enjoy!

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