Independent Designer Feature: Haven River by Laura Nelkin

As I’m sitting here typing this blog post my recently completed Meadowsweet Shawl (featuring Meadow in Bergamot) is drying and I can’t stop thinking of other shawls featuring Meadow. The combination of merino wool, baby llama, silk + linen was perfect to work with especially with the weather taking a turn for a humid. Luckily for me, one of our good friends Laura Nelkin just released Haven River – a geometrical masterpiece comprised of trapezoids and triangles that will have any knitter intrigued to its construction.  

Featuring Meadow in Cornflower, Haven River is constructed in three trapezoidal pieces and are attached together using triangles Nelkin calls, “connectors”. Top it all off with a beaded lace border and you have a lovely summertime accessory, perfect for a fancy dinner by the beach or a night out on the town! 

I’m in awe over the thoughtful construction that went into designing this shawl – talk about an amazing puzzle. 

Haven Road is the third pattern release from Nelkin’s e-book, Just One More, featuring six shawl designs that will be released the first week of every month until October 2014. 

For more information about Haven Road or other Laura Nelkin designs, head on over to her website here. For more information about The Fibre Company Meadow, head on over to the yarn page, here.

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