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#CrochetSummer2014 Pattern: Summer Dawn

We’ve been enthralled to see the response to our #CrochetSummer2014 campaign. From gorgeous afghans to toys, garments to crocheted cat butts (no, that’s not a typo). Some of you might remember this picture that Courtney posted on her Instagram account.

Copyright Courtney Kelley

Beautiful, right? Courtney crocheted this cowl during their time at the Squam Art Workshops this past year and after countless inquires about a pattern, we’d like to introduce you to Summer Dawn

Featuring Meadow and Savannah, Summer Dawn is perfect for early morning walks on the beach, late night campfires and will accompany you into the fall season.  

Summer Dawn calls for a third of a skein of Meadow and one skein of Savannah – do I sense the perfect pattern for gifts? Yep! With the endless color options, you could split a skein of Meadow with two of your friends and end up with completely different results. 

Summer Dawn is available right now on Ravelry and would be a great companion for any summer vacation. 

Keep on, keepin’ on, #CrochetSummer2014!

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