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Join us for #CrochetSummer2014!

As I mentioned in my last post on Mattress Stitch, Courtney and I taught at Squam Art Workshops last weekend. Not only was it a really wonderful experience (although it took me a solid 36 hours to get over the lack of wifi and reliable cell service), but in keeping with our tradition from last year, we also took the weekend “off” from deadline and work projects. 

Courtney took things one step further and dove into her stash and spent the whole weekend crocheting. Non-stop. Her fury led to an idea, and a few chats with Cal Patch confirmed our idea (we figure if Cal thinks its worth doing, it’s definitely worth doing). Happily, we’re delighted that Karen is also on board (we figure if Karen likes, it it must be good). And, so, we’re delighted to introduce #CrochetSummer2014 to you!

The rules are really (really) simple – it is summer after all! In fact, there is just one.

1. Crochet something, anything, this summer.

That’s it. Really. We’ve already started, and plan on running with it through Labor Day.

We will most likely focus on smaller, fun, summery projects (I’m planning on combining crochet + sewing), but Courtney has a blanket in Tundra in the works, so really, you can do whatever you want. Since a lot of us (ahem, myself included) consider ourselves to be “Knitters”, not “Crocheters”, we’ll also be including some tips and tricks along the way, feature some indie crochet designers that we love, provide color and style inspiration, and maybe even end it with a pattern or two!

We’ll be posting images on Instagram with the hashtag #CrochetSummer2014, and would love to see what you’re making! Have Fun!

2 thoughts on “Join us for #CrochetSummer2014!

  1. Cal Patch says:

    YIPPEE!!! glad to be a part of this. and can’t wait to start hooking with my lovely new skeins of Tundra…

  2. Bekah says:

    Yay! I do love a good CAL – can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

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