New Colors of Savannah and Organik!

With our bodies fully recovered from the whirlwind of TNNA, we are excited to introduce new colors in not one, but two yarn lines! With the summer months quickly approaching new colors in Savannah seemed like an easy decision. This blend of wool, cotton, linen and soya is perfect for the summer months, and was featured in our recently released Summer Sweater collection

Mesquite, a crisp grey with blue and green undertones – perfect for a lightweight pullover. 

Cypress, an earthy brown with hints of gold and mid-tone browns for a classic neutral.

For those of you who are already knitting for Fall, which I am insanely jealous of, we also have four new colors of Organik adding rich, pops of colors to this already vibrant line of worsted weight yarn. 

Hollyberry, a vivid red perfect for Fair Isle accents or a statement accessory piece.

Majestic, a mid-range purple featuring a hint of brown undertones. 

Solstice, a lovely blue-green. I’m thinking about making Winthrop from Volume 1 using this color, it would be perfect for fall! 

Last, but not least, Forest, a deep green that reminds us of hiking in the woods for hours on end. 

The new colors of Savannah and Organik are in stock and ready to be shipped! For more information about The Fibre Company yarns, click here.  

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  1. Debbie Hastings says:

    I want this yarn!!

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