Vogue Knitting Spring 2014: Floral Lace Scarf

The spring issue of Vogue Knitting landed on our doorstep this past week and we were ecstatic to see Faina Goberstein’s Floral Lace Scarf featuring Meadow in Pennyroyal!

Worked in two halves and grafted along the center, this scarf features a lovely lace repeat with a clever edging created by casting on stitches. After blocking, the linen featured in Meadow’s fiber blend blossoms and the lace repeat truly stands out. 

Some color options that came to mind were Black Adder, Gentian Violet or Pokeweed, what do you think?

The latest issue of Vogue Knitting is available now! For more information about the spring issue, head on over to their website here.
For more information regarding Faina Goberstein’s designs, you can follow her blog, here.

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