Rosemont KAL Week 6b: Short Row Shaping – A Continuation

We’re delighted to be hosting our very own Rosemont Cardigan Knit-A-Long on the Kelbourne Woolens Blog. The Rosemont Cardigan by Hannah Fettig, features Terra in Nettle, and is a great way to stay warm during the last few months of winter.

Last week we discussed short rows, wrapping and turning and found a true appreciation for the blog TECHknitting. I must admit, I spent a lot of time this weekend digging through the TECHknitting archives to find new tips and tricks regarding one of my favorite hobbies. This weekend I caught up to the rest of the pack and started the shawl collar of my Rosemont, and even though I had read through last week’s post, my brain still approached the patterned short rows with a, “huh?” So, even though we assigned finishing tips and techniques to this week’s discussion, I thought we should do a follow-up on short row shaping, specifically in pattern. 

As we discussed last week, short row shaping adds length to selected areas of knitting and uses techniques like wrapping and turning to connect these longer areas to the original knititng. When working the shawl collar of your Rosemont, you’ll notice the short row shaping will be dependent on whether you’re working a knit or purl stitch. After a little bit of research, I came across a great article from the Purl Bee regarding short rows for both the knit and purl stitch.

Essentially it comes down to where your yarn begins for the wrap and turn. For knit stitches, the yarn is held in the back and respectfully, for purl stitches the yarn is held in the front. When picking up the wrapped and turned stitches, you pick up the wrap from front to back and knit it together with the “wrapped” stitch. For purl stitches, you pick up the wrap from back to front, place it onto the left hand needle and purl those two stitches together. I hope that clarifies some of the questions regarding the short row collar, I know it helped me! You can see a step-by-step photo tutorial over on the Purl Bee’s website, here.

If you’re following the Rosemont Knit-A-Long group on Ravelry, you might have seen a “Finished Sweaters” thread and we were pleased to see not one, but two completed Rosemonts from Foursquarewalls and Sashadanae (right)!

Don’t they look great? Both sweaters are inspiring me to finish up those final rows for the shawl collar, sew in my ends and block my final sweater! Next week we will be discussing different finishing techniques, from sewing in ends to blocking our final garment to measurements, I’m excited to see how everyone else’s Rosemont cardigans turned out! 


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