Introducing, “May We Suggest”

Time and time again I’ll look on Ravelry and see countless projects that catch my eye. From a heavily cabled cardigan to a delicate lace shawl, sometimes I’ll go on a “queuing and favoriting” tangent and then I’m left with countless projects and not enough time to knit them all.  

I could write a 20 page paper on why I love Pinterest. From food recipes to dream wardrobe building, Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites (you can find the Kelbourne Woolens page here) and it’s perfect for  “May We Suggest” Board. Featuring patterns from different knitwear designers, the “May We Suggest” board features a pattern and a Fibre Company yarn with a similar weight (note: it’s still imperative to knit a gauge swatch to ensure your yarn substitution will work with the selected pattern).

Some knitter’s find solace in following the exact yarn recommendation, not only with regards to the brand but as far as the same color featured in the pattern. While others use yarn substitution for various reasons – from “de-stashing” to an allergy within the yarn blend, many knitters use yarn substitutions to their advantage. So, let’s take a closer look at the “May We Suggest” board.

As you can see, each pattern is paired with a Fibre Company yarn of a similar weight and gauge with three color options. Plus, it’s linked back to the pattern’s Ravelry page – ready to be queued and favorited! 

We’ll be adding more patterns to the “May We Suggest” board, and who knows, maybe your pattern will end up there too! To keep up-to-date with the “May We Suggest” board or some of our favorite snacks, inspirational knitwear and anything else that inspires us, head on over to our Pinterest page, here!

Happy Pinning!

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