Rosemont KAL Week 2: Getting Started

We’re delighted to be hosting our very own Rosemont Cardigan Knit-A-Long on the Kelbourne Woolens Blog. The Rosemont Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig, features Terra in Nettle and is a great way to stay warm during the last few months of winter.

With our yarn acquired, pattern printed out, and gauge swatch completed, we’re ready to cast-on for our Rosemont Cardigan!

Cast-ons may vary depending on a) what is recommended in the directions and b) the knitter’s preferred cast-on method. A great resource is New Stitch a Day, an online database of both knit and crochet stitch patterns, that also features an extensive cast-on library filled with informative videos. Along the same line, Knitbot, Ysolda and Webs offer video tutorials of cast-ons that are worth checking out. The Rosemont Cardigan does not specify a certain cast-on, so we used a Long-Tail Cast On.

When working a top-down raglan construction like the Rosemont Cardigan, increases are worked to shape the yoke, body and sleeves. In this case, Hannah uses a make one increase. 

The make one ads a stitch by using the bar between two stitches in the row below and knitting it through the back loop. When I first started knitting, I thought there was only one type of make one increase. In fact, make ones have a directional slant which can be referred to as a “make one right” for right slanting increases, or “make one left”, for left slanting increases. Using the m1R and m1L together creates mirrored increases that produce a really clean and professional looking end result.  Hannah covered this topic in an informational video a couple months back and it goes a little more in-depth into the differences and methods for each:

Next week we’ll be discussing raglan depth, placing stitches on holders and keep your eyes out for a fun Rosemont Cardigan freebie!

We love seeing your progress with the Rosemont Cardigan, so don’t forget to tag your photos and updates with the #RosemontKAL hashtag.

For more information about the Rosemont knit-a-long, head on over to our Ravelry group here!
For more information regarding Knitbot patterns head on over to her website here.  

3 thoughts on “Rosemont KAL Week 2: Getting Started

  1. Ness says:

    I wish I had the yarn and time to participate this time around! I can’t wait to make a Rosemont of my own. I typically use a cable cast-on for top-down garments so the neck doesn’t stretch with wear.

  2. Andrea says:

    I’m having trouble with the beginning of this pattern, figuring out how to proceed with the order of the increase rows (neck increases, raglan increases, sleeve & back only, sleeve & body). Do I start with the four-row sleeve & back/sleeve & body repeat (where it says Row 1, Row 2…) and interject the raglan and neck increases as necessary as I go? Or do I simply knit all the raglan and neck increases first before moving onto the four-row pattern repeat? I’m new to knitting garments without charts so I apologize for my confusion, but I know others have expressed similar feelings on the Ravelry discussion board. Are you going to show more about dissecting this part of the pattern?

  3. heather says:

    I also am confused with the beginning of the pattern. When exactly do we start the 4 row sequence of Sleeve and Back only increases. Do we finish the neck and raglan increases first and then move on to the Sleeve/back, sleeve/body?

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