Knitters Projects: Livezey House Wrap

This past week, the east coast was hit with a huge snowstorm. With thirteen inches of snow, the question on everyone’s mind was, “how many layers is too many layers?”. On Ravelry we hunted for large scale shawls with a pack of color and eventually came across Jocelyn Tunney’s Livezey House Wrap, which Larisa knit up in Organik

Featuring Organik in Arctic Tundra, Agave and Mesquite, this shawl showcases a bold bias stripe with substantial blocks of color (and fabric) perfect for these chilly winter mornings. We love Larisa’s monochromatic color palette which adds a touch of traditional to this modern shawl.

We were so inspired by Larisa’s shawl that we came up with some color palettes of our own, what do you think?

For more information on Larisa’s Livezey Wrap head on over to her project page here. For more information about Organik or other yarns from The Fibre Company, head on over to our yarns page, here!

{All images Copyright Larisa 2014 and used with permission}

2 thoughts on “Knitters Projects: Livezey House Wrap

  1. Theresa Stiefel says:

    Hello there! Can you please let me know which yarn and pattern you used for the lovely hat? The wrap is stunning. Just finished making the Hill and Dale scarf using Canopy worsted.

    1. Leah McGlone says:

      Hi Theresa!

      The hat pattern is "Smoky" by Kim Hargreaves and Larisa used Misti Alpaca Baby Alpaca Royal for the project. You can check out her project page, here:


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