Introducing: Weekenders

Last year we announced a change of put-up for one of our favorite yarns, Canopy Worsted, from a 100-yard to a 200-yard skein, making it perfect for both sweaters and accessories that call for a defined stitch pattern and a hint of drape. With that we thought, “What better way to celebrate the new put-up than a booklet featuring five accessories using just one skein of Canopy Worsted?” Each member of the KW Design Team was asked to knit something that could be worked up in one weekend perfect for wear on a weekend getaway and we’re proud to introduce them to you! Also, check out the bottom of this blog post for an exciting chance to win an awesome giveaway! 

First up, Adamstown by Courtney Kelley in Laguna. This cap features a box-style decrease at the crown as a perfect compliment to the diagonal textured stitch pattern. 

Fuller Farm by Kate Gagnon Osborn features an intricate cable pattern for the more experienced weekend knitter. 

Knit in Quetzal, this pop of color will be a great addition to a winter wardrobe. Greenpoint by Leah McGlone is a step down from the difficulty of Fuller Farm and features an i-cord cast-on and bind-off. 

If you are new to cabling but want to challenge yourself to a new design technique look no further than Manheim by Maura Kirk. This cowl knit in Palm Bud features a bold cable motif great for those chilly winter mornings.

Last but not least is Wissahickon by Meghan Kelly. Knit from the top-down, this hat features a graphic lace motif for a non-traditional cap in the lovely color of Fern. 

Weekenders is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse so you’ll be ready to knit on your upcoming weekend getaway!

Speaking of getaways we’re giving away a copy of Weekenders and some exclusive Pop-Up shop items that we set aside specifically for this giveaway. To enter your chance to win comment at the bottom of this blog post with a destination of a weekend getaway and you’re in! The contest is open until Sunday night at midnight and we will announce the winner on Monday morning. 

For more information about Weekenders head on over to the Ravelry page here. To find a stockist in your area, head on over to our retailers page here and don’t forget to comment below for a chance to our Weekenders prize pack!

24 thoughts on “Introducing: Weekenders

  1. Asheley says:

    I love the patterns and any one of them would be great to knit at an upcoming knit weekend getaway in Lake Geneva with friends!

  2. Linda Rostad says:

    Canon Beach, Oregon is a great place to watch the ocean and knit. Especially on a stormy day. Add wine and a fire to go with knitting and I am all set!

  3. Rita Ryan says:

    My favorite weekend getaway is camping out on the beach at Kahuku point on O’ahu, Hawai’i! Big beach, beautiful ocean, no people, and gorgeous milky way at night! (Yes, I’m the odd one you occasionally see knitting a sweater in a bikini on the beach. 😀 )

  4. Meagan says:

    I live in Winnipeg, a few days ago it was -50 with the windchill! My perfect weekend getaway right now would be Hawaii.

  5. Christie Ericson says:

    Sitting in a cabin by the fireplace watching it snow outside. Perfect for some cozy knitting.

  6. Emilia Rosa says:

    My favorite weekend getaway would be Lake George in the summer.

  7. Melanie Greene says:

    Perfect weekend getaway– Corolla on the Outer Banks in NC

  8. Tracy says:

    Our favorite family getaway is in my home state Gatlinburg, TN. The fall and winter is so beautiful in the mountains and hiking and shopping is great!

  9. Tatiana Loya says:

    Not the place where they can be worn, but… I am going to Cancun on Sunday and I can’t wait to getaway! (I’ll be back soon enough to knit some weekenders)

  10. Anya says:

    Sunriver, Oregon– any time of the year. :). –Anya (Bookaholic13 on Ravelry)

  11. Jaime Smith says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. My weekend getaway of choice would be Northampton, MA. It’s where I grew up and it’s so beautiful this time of year! Your inspiration knits would be the perfect thing to keep me toasty.

  12. Rachelle Crosbie says:

    I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and the perfect getaway place for the weekend is a hot springs called Hamner Springs in the middle of our island; lovely walks and of course the springs as well.
    sewsable on Rav

  13. Laura says:

    We enjoy popping up the mountains of western North Carolina year-round.

  14. beverly says:

    With -50 degree temperatures coming this weekend, Arizona seems like heaven. I just might have to settle for my own cozy and warm home, hot chocolate, a Packers win, and lots of knitting,

  15. Michele M says:

    Our favorite weekend getaway is Cape May, NJ. My husband and I love to spend the day looking for Cape May diamonds (he looks for diamonds – I knit). We have a picnic lunch and stay until sunset, enjoying another wonderful and easy day together.

  16. Kelly K. says:

    Since New York and the Northeast is frigid and full of snow, a nice walk in the Napa Valley vineyards with a glass of chilled wine sounds like perfection!

  17. Emily H says:

    Turkey Run State Park would be my weekend trip, even now in the winter. The trails are so beautiful and the Inn has an amazing breakfast buffet on Sunday! Plus, there’s a really sweet little yarn shop just a few miles away…

  18. Joan Harris says:

    My friends house in Knoxville Tn,knitting,and talking about knitting while driving to yarn shops!

  19. Monica at sweetpurls says:

    Weekend getaway Asheville & the smoky Mountains. Love these patterns–you guys did it again 🙂

  20. Hillary B says:

    A favorite weekend getaway is hanging out in Baltimore Md, where I went to school!

  21. cheryl Ruiz says:

    Even though I go to Los Angeles often for events (i’m a theater buff:), I don’t really know it. I’ve always wanted to check into a hotel dowtown and spend a weekend exploring

  22. Janet K says:

    I’d love a weekend getaway up in the mountains here in Colorado. A cabin in the woods with a fireplace.

  23. rvknitz says:

    A great weekend getaway is hiking at the Delaware Water Gap, in the mountains of PA/NJ. We usually hiked the PA side, and after my husband died, we left some of his ashes up there…

  24. theresa stiefel says:

    Napa valley is on my list this year as a weekend getaway. Looking forward to making the Adamstown hat . I have several skeins of Canopy in my stash already.

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