New Colors of Road to China Light

A humongous new order of Road to China Light just arrived at our warehouse, and with it came five absolutely gorgeous new colors.


Agate, a rich deep purple duotone with hints of chocolate and mauve.


Tanzanite, a deep berry - more saturated and redder than dark amethyst for the purple lovers out there. 


Feldspar, a medium taupe with hints of light chocolate, cream, purple and brown. 


Topaz, a bright sunny deep gold - more saturated and orange for those of you looking for a richer yellow  


And, last but certainly not least, Emerald, a lovely olive-forest green with subtle yellow undertones.  

All five new colors - and the rest of the line! - of Road to China Light are all in stock and ready to ship! We can't wait to see what fabulous things you knit with them!