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KW Holiday Gift Guide: Leah’s Instagram-Inspired Gifts

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our Gift Guide so far! In this installment, we bring you some fabulous hand-made gifts from Leah inspired by some of her favorite companies she has found via Instagram:

I have a confession – I love Instagram. Yes, sometimes there are too many pictures of cats, random pieces of food and the newly defined by Mariam Webster “selfie”, but as a member of a small business, it’s a great way to connect with people. So, for my gift guide I’m giving a shout out to some U.S. (and Canada, sorry Kate, but that shop just too good!) small businesses that sell amazing products.

1)  Based out of Kentucky, Tumbleweeds Handcraft is composed of Becca and Doug, a couple in love with each other and one-of-a-kind wood veneer sunglasses. Their Instagram feed is filled with process photos, from sourcing new materials to staining and packing their final product. Doug and Becca not only showcase the core of a small business and being totally rad (see their mug, below), they also promote other small business across the globe, including Love Jules Shoe Co.

A couple of months ago Tumbleweeds HC promoted a kickstarter for a small shoe company named Love Jules Shoe Co. Based in British Columbia, this awesome shoe company sources all of their materials locally and creates their own custom soles in-house – talk about local! I personally love the monogramed loafers, but I also have my heart set on a pair of high top boots with fabric inserts – even if they are technically for guys, they’re awesome. 

3) ABJ Glassworks is a Philadelphia based home accessory company with a knack for glasswork. Created by Ashley Bram-Johnson, these one of a kind pieces are on my “future homeowner” list. Her Instagram feed showcases beautiful pieces in her lovely studio adorned with air plants, terrariums or a simple gathering of moss. I have a feeling I could put a simple leaf in it and be completely happy – they’re that pretty. On the top of my list is this awesome hanging terrarium.

4) On good authority, I was directed to the In God We Trust Instagram feed by one of my close friends, and I was greeted by a post tagged #sohoguitarguy, a local “musician” who was playing in front of their SOHO store hanging out with a laser cat. Clearly, I immediately followed them and I’m so happy I did. IGWT was founded in Brooklyn and prides itself on selling products produced in the United States. Two things that caught my eye were an awesome shirt dress (that print is amazing) and a pair of brass earrings.

5) At the end of the day, I’m a simple person – my idea of a perfect item is something with understated character and charm. This bag from Flux Productions is definitely on my list. I found this awesome bag through the amazing people over at Madesmith, an online gathering of makers who believe in quality over quantity, and who can argue with that. Plus, the items featured on Madesmith are produced in the United States.

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    Oh my gosh! I want one of those glass terrariums so bad!!

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