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KW Holiday Gift Guide: Kate’s Gifts for Adornment

This holiday season, it is easy to get swept up in a shopping fever, looking for the best deals, not really paying attention to the source of what we’re buying. Not only do we love the idea of giving back, + are excited about our own Holiday Pop-Up Shop, we wanted to put together a Holiday Gift Guide focusing on locally produced and / or handmade items by small businesses. Our goal this season is to think smaller, better and support other growing entrepreneurs like ourselves!

Kate’s Gift Ideas focus on accessorizing, both her home and herself!

1) AIR PODS by ceramicist Nic Newcomb. Handmade in NYC, these lovely little handmade ceramic pods rest easily on a desk or hang from the ceiling. One of the benefits of her new home is that there is lovely light from all sides of the house and plenty of space for plants, and she’s been searching for unique ways to add some greenery to all rooms and the Air Pods totally fit the bill!

2) Sewing patterns: two Independent designers out there that Kate is in love with are Sarai Mitnick of Colette And Liesel Gibson of Liesel + Co. Time after time, both designers put out sewing patterns that set you up to create hand-made garments without the “homemade” look. Two patterns perfect for fall / winter are the Liesel + Co. Woodland Stroll Cape and Colette Albion Duffel. Both would look lovely in a herringbone or plaid wool – and what is better than making something yourself while supporting ├╝ber talented designers?

Woodland Stroll Cape // Albion Duffel

Woodland Stroll Cape // Albion Duffel

3) Wally One by Woolly Pocket. More unique ways to ad some green to your home, these amazing planters hang directly on the wall. Designed to grow just about anything, they would be perfect for an all-over succulent wall art or year-round veggie + herb garden. I’ve been coveting them since I saw them at a shop here in Philly, and would love to install one in my home this year. As a bonus, they’re both designed and made in the USA!

4) Pretty much anything by Old Blood Jewelry makes a perfect (affordable!) gift. I happened upon this designer at one of the Clover Markets a year or so back, and absolutely love everything she does. Her designs are always changing and the mix of natural + man made elements is totally unique. I have a pair of crystal + bullet casing earrings (that seem to be a discontinued style, sadly) that I get multiple compliments on every time I wear them and would love to add to my OB collection.

5) Horrible Adorables. Oh my. These delightful wall..hangings? (sculptures? taxidermies?) are both creepy and beautiful. Charlie is really into animals right now, so one of these would look great in her bedroom or the back den/playroom. I also noticed she does custom orders, so it would be amazing to get a pair of our dogs or cats. 

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this gift guide. Stay tuned for Courtney’s guide: lovely gifts for the home chef!

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  1. Marissa says:

    Love the airpods especially! Great ideas, Kate! – Marissa

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