KW Summer Sweater WINNER!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted on our KW Sweet Summer Sweater Contest!  We’re delighted to announce the winner (by a mere 20 votes – it was close there at the end, just another demonstration of how really, really wonderful all of the submissions were!) is…..

Mel, and her simple, feminine and flattering natural summer tee filled with a plethora of beautiful and unique details. Congrats, Mel!

And, again – we cannot stress this enough – thank you SO MUCH to everyone who submitted, the top 5 for being so excited (you’re all winners in our book!) and all of the shops who were excited about and promoted the contest. You all did an AMAZING job and we are delighted at the result. Even if you didn’t win, we sincerely hope you had a great time and loved the process – we loved having you!! 

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