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KW Adventure Club: Week 1!

Last week we announced our latest contest; the Kelbourne Woolens Adventure Club, where we proposed the question: where do you take your knitting? This week’s adventure kicks off with a crucial step in many adventures: planning. Sometimes adventures can be a last-minute endeavor, but for our month long knitting adventure we need some time to prepare. From finding our favorite tundra sweater to gathering our perfect color combinations in this lofty blend of alpaca, merino and silk; this week is an ode to planning. So get your cameras out and get ready to show us where you take your knitting when you’re preparing for an adventure (even if it’s just to the grocery store)!

So get your cameras out and get ready to start snapping those pictures! Don’t forget to mark your pictures with #KWAC hashtag so we can see where you take your knitting. If you complete this week’s challenge you will receive your personalized “Best Laid Plans” badge, for your collection, and remember that in order to win you need all four badges. We can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to in the next coming days and happy planning! 

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