Knitspot Fall in Full Color Club

We've been a fan of Anne Hanson of Knitspot for as long as we've known her. And, this summer, we had the benefit of meeting Erica, her assistant, and our affection grew! So, of course, when we heard about her newest club project, and were asked if a collaboration - and, an exclusive one at that - was something we'd be interested in, of course we said "yes!"


The end result of this collaboration is Floozy, an absolutely stunning triangular shawl and Freefall, a rectangular stole, knit using an exclusive colorway of Meadow, Cornflower. The pattern is exclusive to the club until August 17, 2014 when it will be made available to all.


In honor of the release of the pattern - the yarn portion of the club is sold out, but the ebook (which is stunning every single month) is still available here - we thought it would be nice to have a little interview with Anne. Enjoy!


KW: What inspires you to come up with new lace designs?

AH: i get a lot of my inspiration from nature; when i say that, what i mean is that i find a lot of surprising and beautiful linework in natural forms that i want to interpret into stitches. i also find stitch motifs very inspiring; sometimes flipping through stitch books, i see a few that seem to relate and it makes me want to cast on and play with a new composition

KW: How would you describe your design process (freeform, technical, etc)?

AH: i would say both—i play with putting textures together or making shapes on my needles, usually with no specific goal in mind. once i have a composition put together, i decide what type of garment or object will suit it best; that's when i get a lot more technical about making it work within a structure. i do like to have a preliminary chart and pattern put together once i start knitting the garment for real; that way i can begin checking my work and my sizing as i go. i prefer to knitthrough a prototype before sending the pattern to a test knitter or tech editor, but for simple structures and compositions, i sometimes now write up the whole pattern so we can knit the first samples together.

KW: Did the fiber content of Meadow influence your final design? Were there any particular properties of the yarn that you found particularly well suited to shawl knitting?

AH: oh, how i love this yarn! yes, i definitely designed the shawl around the material; this is true for most of my designs anyway, but particularly for ones that are featured in the clubs, where recipients will be knitting with the same yarn i do. i just adore the linen content in the meadow yarn—with the other fiber content being SO soft, there is a danger that the fabric will be too limp; the linen gives it that little bit of crisp structure to keep it lofty. the soft fibers, of course make the shawl drape beautifully and provide a lovely sheen over the cable and lace texture. the yarn and design work together so well, i feel a little prick of excitement whenever i look at it!


KW: Your output is really impressive! How do you keep your designs fresh and keep yourself on track?

AH: i really, REALLY love knitting and designing and i enjoy writing patterns, too (to me they are their own sort of art form). i have so many ideas i can't even get to! there are lots inspirations in the world around me; i never run out of ideas or get bored of the medium. my dream would be to shed all the office stuff and paperwork and (especially) email, so i could just spend my time making new designs and writing. 

staying fresh is relative; i remind myself all the time not to look at things in the same way every day. as soon as i have a strong reaction to something (especially a negative one) i try to step back and examine it, maybe do a double take with a new set of eyes. you might not guess this from the way i dress, haha, but i LOVE fashion and clothing trends; i've always got an eye out for unusual ways of using garments. it's nice that i get to travel and see all sorts of different scenery, cultures, and habitats, but travel isn't necessary for inspiration—there is plenty at every turn in my everyday world. 

KW: Tell us something about yourself that no one would EVER guess in a million years.

AH: hmmm, great question! while i always wanted to be some sort of artist and have drawn and painted all my life, i actually started my college career in a nursing program! my mom really wanted me to be a nurse; i was trying to make her happy . 

{All images © anne hanson + david whitfield and used with permission}


Thanks so much, Anne!