The Yarn Whisperer

This past weekend we went to the beach to celebrate one last hurrah before my son began Kindergarten. It was a lovely, if chilly, weekend to spend at the shore, but we enjoyed every relaxing summertime minute of it before beginning the grind of the school year once more.

I’m a “beach sitter” when we go to the shore. I like to have a good beach chair, a knitting project (that doesn’t require too much concentration) and I need to have a good book. This weekend I sat down to read “The Yarn Whisperer,” the new knitting memoir by Clara Parkes.  

The Yarn Whisperer weaves together knitting anecdotes and life experiences of the author in a way that I think we can all relate to. Knitting has played such a huge part in my life– from learning to knit from my grandmother in quiet moments, to picking it back up after a nasty breakup in college, and having the luck to turn it into a career.

All the car trips, plane rides, beach trips, mornings with coffee…knitting is an ever present activity. It was so nice to sit on the beach, knitting and reading, and reflecting on all the parts of my life that I’ve shared with such a simple act. And this morning, as I got ready to take my son to his first day of Kindergarten, I knit a few stitches on the porch with my coffee to steady my nerves before waking him up for the big day.

Which, went just perfect by the way.

You can find The Yarn Whisperer on Amazon here and you can follow Clara Parkes at The Knitter’s Review.

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