KW Sweet Summer Sweater: Taking a Photo of your FO

It is almost the 30th! Yay! It seems as if a lot of you are finishing up your KW Summer Sweaters and the progress and sneak peek shots are amazing! When the time comes to actually take a photo of the finished garment, though, just how exactly should you present the finished sweater and how should the images look?  

The first thing to keep in mind is that we need to SEE what is going on. Here – we’ll show you exactly what we mean! 

Oh, heeeeey, you knit a sweater! It looks great… No, actually, wait. What is that? Your face is made of light, the mirror askew, there is a ton of junk in the background. Really, all I can tell is that your wearing…something.

Okay, that’s a little better. It’s definitely a sweater! Is there a sleeve on that left side? It’s just that it’s a little close. And a weird angle. But nice stitch detail!

Now we’re getting somewhere! Did Kate take that picture for you or did you use a self-timer? I didn’t think you had a camera, just your phone? But, phones these days are pretty great, and there’s an app for everything, isn’t there? There’s this app that I like in particular, called Camera Awesome. It has an interval timer, so you can set it to take a picture continuously every few seconds, so you don’t have to keep running back and forth to reset the timer. But there’s a lot of programs you can choose from, for all types of smartphones, and a lot of them are free!

So…with that being said, and I’m not trying to be picky, really, but don’t you think the lighting is a little weird? And the background is kinda busy. 

Now THAT’S a sweater! Look at that stitch definition! The natural light makes such a difference, and while there is still stuff in the background, it is all a neutral color and I can easily look past it and focus on what matters – the sweater. We probably wouldn’t use this shot for the final pattern, but it is GREAT for our purposes. I also like the way you must have propped your phone up on a box on a chair to put it at the right height so you had a good angle. Creative all around!

Am I happy now? Yes!

Don’t forget! You MUST post an image of your finished sweater by the end of the day (midnight EST) on Monday September, 30th.  You may post the image on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag “kwsummersweater”. Once we see all of the images, we’ll comment on the image so you know that we’ve received it. If you post your image and see no activity from us that we’ve seen it, don’t hesitate to give us a little poke – we’d hate for you to go to all of that work just to have technology fail us all at the last minute!

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  1. Amy Miller says:

    Great post! Thanks for the photo tips 🙂

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