Kate + Courtney on the move!

It is that time of year again….when we pack our bags and travel around
teaching workshops + generally having a grand old time as a few of the
wonderful LYSs that carry the Fibre Company yarns and Kelbourne Woolens

Over the next few months we will be traveling near and far to bring our thoughts on seaming, colorwork, working lace from charts, embellishments, and a variety of other non-knitting related things (conversations tend to wander…it is more fun that way!) to knitters around the country.

On September 21st (that is this Saturday!) from 1-4 pm, we will be at Wooly Monmouth in Monmouth, NJ teaching Cables using the Tallin Scarf by Kate. For more information and to register for the class, check out the page on Wooly Monmouth’s website here.

The following weekend, on October 26th from 1-5 pm, we will be headed south to Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA to teach lace (and the beauty of working from charts!) using the Meadowsweet Shawl as our guide. For more information and to sign up, visit the shop’s page here.

(Make sure to note the new date on this one – Danielle was kind enough to accommodate some family stuff that came up between the announcement of the class and registration opening, and we appreciate the understanding of those who thought it was one date and then heard it was another!)

And, finally, the following weekend, we’ll be headed to the west coast to attend Interweave Knitting Lab in San Mateo, CA. Throughout the weekend, we’ll be teaching a bevy of knitting classes on a variety of techniques:

On Thursday, October 31st, we’re teaching one 6-hour class:
Designing Fair Isle, Colorwork + Stranded Knitting: Topics will include the difference between Fair Isle, stranded and color work, as well advanced techniques (two-handed knitting, Bohus, 3-color knitting, and increasing and decreasing in pattern). We will spend time talking about making good color choices, swatching different color options, how to choose colors based on the desired end result, and the “rules” of color work and how to apply them to original designs. Students will have the opportunity to work on designing and swatching original color work patterns as well.

On Friday, November 1st, we’re teaching two 3-hour classes: 
Roositud Inlay: Students will learn to work the Rooistud inlay, a traditional Estonian technique where color is applied as you knit. This is a great class for students expanding their repertoire, or knitters not yet ready to take the “Fair Isle plunge” but looking to add color to their projects. Students will cast on and knit a “sample” project, learn how to read charts, work multiple colors per round, and practice proper tension, and how to hold the inlay yarns. We will also go over how students can create original designs and the multitude of ways to apply Roositud to original knitting designs.

Deciphering Lace: Students will learn the basics of reading lace from a charted pattern, including counting stitches, checking gauge, how to decipher individual stitches, how to check to see if mistakes have been made, fixing mistakes, and working multiple repeats in a single row. In addition, students will learn how to increase while knitting lace from charts. The Sassafras Shawl, an original design by Courtney will be used as the sample project for the class and students will leave with the project cast on and well underway.

 On Saturday, November 2nd, we’re teaching one 6-hour class:
Beyond Stripes: A Multitude of Ways to Add Color to Your Knitting: In this class, we will focus on a number of ways to add color to your knitting. Techniques to be covered include Fair Isle/Color work and Bohus knitting, Roositud inlay, Intarsia and Embroidery. We will go over the history and common uses/applications, differences and similarities, and how to work each technique. Additionally, we will talk about designing, common design applications, best uses (i.e. when to use Intarsia versus Fair Isle) and ways to incorporate each technique into original designs. Students will leave class with a sampler and a wealth of information and inspiration.

And, finally, on Sunday morning, we’re teaching one 3-hour class: 
Tyrolean Knitting: Learning Twisted Stitch Cables + Embroidery: Using the Grey Skies Handwarmers pattern, we will teach students how to read cable charts, how to work twisted stitch cabling and cabling without a cable needle. Additionally, students will learn 3 different embroidery techniques, the history of Tyrolean knitting, and additional tips and tricks on how to create original designs using cables and embroidery.

See you there! 

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