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Introducing: MEADOW!

Female model wearing Allium by Grace Anna Farrow.

It is that time of year again – the introduction of a beautiful new yarn to the Fibre Company lineup! This year, we’re delighted to announce the release of Meadow, a unique, custom designed, beautiful (insert additional accolades of your choosing here), 2-ply blend of merino, baby llama, silk + linen. The merino and llama provide softness and bounce, the silk sheen and drape and the linen a crisp hand and lovely stitch definition.

At 549 yards per 100 gram skein, Meadow is little bit heavier than typical lace weight, and perfect on a wide variety of needle sizes. To start the line off, we’re introducing 12 beautiful colors, many of them variations on familiar classics in the Fibre Company palette.











pokeweed_375 copy


All 12 gorgeous colors are in stock and ready to ship, and are swiftly making their way to yarn stores everywhere.


And stay tuned – next week we will announce the premier KW Meadow Collection, a collaboration with the talented Grace Anna Farrow.


In the mean time, have you signed up for our mystery Knit-A-Long yet?  Head over to our Ravelry Group for more info, including a list of current Meadow stockists who are participating in the Knit-A-Long at their shops!

5 thoughts on “Introducing: MEADOW!

  1. Michelle says:

    Can you tell us where to find it online? I am doing the KAL and would like to have it in time to start.

  2. Ashiepoo22 says:

    I can’t wait to start the KAL! I’m glad I have a few weeks to choose between Black Adder and Pennyroyal because right now it’s really hard!

  3. Allison Kelsey says:

    Dang, you guys, those are amazing colorways! I might even be persuaded to pick up the teensy needles again….Great names for the colors, too!

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