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Knitter Projects: Caramel

The Caramel sweater by Isabell Kraemer is a versatile, top-down blanket style cardigan with a bold striping detail that showcases the pattern’s inherent drape. In this version, knit by Stephni, she chooses Acadia, a wool, alpaca and silk blend that gives this version a subtle sheen  from the silk and a native drape from the alpaca.

I love stripes

With stripes there’s room for knitters to play with their color choices.  From subtle to vibrant, stripes can add a design element to any garment, and give the final project a dose of personality.  Stephni’s color combination of a neutral, driftwood, and an accent color, strawberry, gives her sweater a pop of color with an added textural element due to Acadia’s silk noil, making it stand out amongst the crowd.


Graphic stripes and colorwork have been a staple in the knitting community, and Stephni’s gorgeous Caramel sweater pays homage to the classic neutral and accent color combination.  Awesome work, Stephni!

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  1. Hi Marie!Here’s the link to the pattern, which is free (woo!), on Ravelry. Hope that helps!

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