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Featured Find: Harvest Textiles

Harvest Textiles was founded in 2010 by Jess Wright, Emma Byrnes, Laura Davies and Frances Wilson as an ode to screen printing.  From seminars and workshops featuring industry professionals to pop-up shops showcasing their amazing line of bright and cheerful products, Harvest Textiles makes sure dull and boring is the last words that come to mind when viewing their products, and we couldn’t agree more.

Harvest Textiles

With a broad spectrum of products, Harvest Textiles reveals that color and pattern should be embraced, and not feared.  From backpacks to DIY kits for the ever so curious sewer, Harvest Textiles puts a pop of color in all of their products; and as an added bonus, Harvest uses organic, recycled or locally produced materials as the base for their colorful line.  An organic product that’s bright and cheerful?  What more could my online shopping cart ask for!



If you’re in Australia, you’re in luck, because Harvest also offers countless workshops on screen printing for the textile-curious, making us in Philadelphia wish we could board a plane and sign up!  However, due to increased plane rates and prior engagements we’ll live vicariously through the gorgeous color combinations and charming products that Harvest Textiles continues to deliver.


To learn more about Harvest Textiles, go to their website here or their online store here

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