Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting {and Coastal Knits} recently published a children’s book, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf.


Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf is an adorable book that details the story of Annie, a young girl who, after seeing her mom knit, wants to learn herself. Of course, like everything, Annie needs to be patient in order to learn, but in time (and with the help of a very catchy rhyme!) Annie masters the art of knitting. Beautifully illustrated by Neesha Hudson, the book is, in a word, fabulous.

Alana and Neesha didn’t stop at a beautiful book, though. Available as a hard cover copy, or, in a deluxe gift set (including a puzzle, stickers and a paperdoll set! – pictured below), either would make a wonderful gift for any young person in your life.


Although Charlie is still in her “hold two knitting needles and flail them around like an 80s drummer” phase, we didn’t think it was too soon to introduce her to Annie and the joys of knitting.



We think it is safe to say it was a hit!

For more info about Annie, her cat and mouse and to order the book, check out her website here! If you are a LYSO interested in carrying Annie, you can check out the wholesale info here.

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