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New Colors of Acadia!

Next up in our collection of new colors this season is The Fibre Co. Acadia!


Cranberry: a gorgeous, saturated, deep red.


Thistle: a regal purple with pale tweed flecks.


Moraine: A lovely mid-tone brown with purple highlights and copper tweed flecks.


Pinecone: A beautiful, deep saturated chocolate brown.


Chipmunk: A sophisticated copper with unexpected pink tweed flecks.


Oyster: A subtle grey-green with mint silk flecks and a lovely heathered tone.

You can view the full lineup here

2 thoughts on “New Colors of Acadia!

  1. regina says:

    Wow: that is an absolutely GORGEOUS red! They’re all beautiful: well done!

  2. Dori says:

    Just placed my order! Can’t wait to get these GORGEOUS colors!

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