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Featured Find: Smitten Kitchen


Smitten Kitchen is a blog project founded by Deb Perelman, a woman of many trades such as “a record store shift supervisor, a scrawler of ‘happy birthday’ on bakery cakes, an art therapist and a technology reporter”. If you’re looking to create “stepped up comfort foods” that are quick, simple and elegant, she’s the woman to go to.




After looking, and drooling over recipes such as: pink lemonade bars, zucchini rice gratin or bacon corn hash; it’s difficult to not be inspired to jump in the kitchen and cook, but instead of feeling overwhelmed with lack of ingredients, time, or skill, we’re introduced to a new world of cooking with simple ingredients.


Check out more of what Deb, and her family of eaters, has to offer at Smitten Kitchen. Warning, you’ll leave hungry.

{all images © 2012 Deb Perelman}

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