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New Colors of Savannah!

This season, we’re introducing three deep, saturated tones to Savannah.

Savannah is probably the most unique yarn in the Fibre Co. line, as it is spun and dyed in the United States (less than 75 miles from us!) and is currently the only yarn we offer that does not have alpaca in it. Due to its unique blend of fibers: wool, cotton, linen and soya, Savannah is a great year-round yarn, so the original palette reflected a more spring and summery colors. We can’t stay away from the rich, saturated duotones we’re known for in our other lines, though, so of course we had to add some more of these colors to the Savannah line as well.


Crepe Myrtle
Crepe Myrtle is a gorgeous rich deep cherry red with flecks of brighter pink in the cotton slubs that create the unique tweedy nature of the yarns.


Cabernet is a signature Fibre Co. color – not quite purple, not quite grey, not quite brown, it is rich, complex and really beautiful. The main plies of the yarn are a deep smokey color, and the flecks pop with a rich aubergine.


Woodsmoke is a purple-grey with pink flecks, another one of our signature colors that isn’t a neutral but isn’t a definitive color either. Kate has been knitting a new design with it for the last few weeks, and is honestly impressed with its beauty every time she picks the project up.

To check out the full palette of Savannah, visit the yarn page here.

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