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New Colors of Road to China!

Our final batch of new colors for this season – three amazing additions to the Road to China line. You may recognize these three colors from Road to China Light, as added them to that line this fall. Due to their popularity, we thought they deserved to be featured in Road to China as well.


A smokey mid-tone brown with hints of plum and grey, Moonstone is a sophisticated neutral designed to go with anything.


A showstopper of a color, Abalone starts with a base of dark green, and is layered with a deep brown and grey for a rich, saturated and complex duotone. We have this color in a few other iterations in some of the other lines, and despite the slight differences the twist, ply and fiber content produces in each yarn, every shade is always gorgeous.


Not quite green, not quite blue, Apatite is a perfect saturated peacock with hints of light and dark tones.  It looks great with neutrals such as Smoky Quartz, Hematite + Grey Pearl, but also would make an amazing striped or color work project with Citrine or Peridot.

To check out the full palette of Road to China, visit the yarn page here.

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