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New Colors of Organik!

It’s that time of year again – the release of new colors! We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be releasing new colors in four of our lines, the first being Organik.

This season, we’re introducing two warm brights and two really beautiful neutrals to help round out the once predominantly cool palette.


Painted Desert
Painted Desert is a vibrant bright pink with very subtle highlights and lowlights. We can’t help but smile every time we look at it, and are already planning a few projects to finish ahead of time to brighten up future gloomy winter months.


Desert Rose
Desert Rose is a rich berry color, redder than a “typical” purple, but bluer than a dark cranberry. It fits in perfectly – and fills a once sad void – between magma and heather moorland.


Not quite grey, not quite brown (sometimes even not quite purple), claystone is an absolutely beautiful and complex mid-tone grey, a color we both absolutely adore. Pair it with a neutral such as crater lake or arctic tundra, or work it next to a bright such as oahu or algae for a finished project with a lot of pop.


Agave is a cool pale grey with hints of blue and pale green. Much more complex than a “typical” light grey, agave is a chamelon of a color that seems to evolve and match whatever color it is paired with.

To check out the full palette of Organik, visit the yarn page here.

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