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Featured Find: Clothbound Classics

Although they’ve been out for a little while, we just recently discovered The Penguin Classic SeriesClothbound Classics” when browsing the internet (searching for something entirely different, as these things tend to go) and happened upon this gorgeous cover of A Tale of Two Cities.


The series is a collection of book covers designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith that feature new designs of some of the greatest novels of all time.


Each cover features a stamped design on linen cases in gorgeous color combinations. The designs themselves come from a theme or important piece of imagery in the book.

Another particular favorite of ours is The Odyssey. (Couldn’t you imagine is as a beautiful Fair Isle pattern?):


For more information about the collection, you can read an interview with Coralie posted on Design Sponge here. If you’re interested in purchasing the books in collections or as individual copies (or you’d like to see all of the covers) visit the Penguin website here.

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