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Knitter Projects: Selbu Modern

Selbu Modern, a design first published back in 2008, continues to be one of our most popular patterns. We love that many people have used it as a project to introduce them into the amazing world that is stranded color work knitting – one of our most favorite techniques!


Over the years, we have loved seeing the amazing color combinations and versions that people have come up with, using both the recommended yarn, Canopy Fingering and its slightly heavier cousin, Road to China Light.


Mikka‘s version of the Selbu Modern, knit out of Canopy Fingering in aloe and plum, not only shows of this unique color combination beautifully, but it was her first Fair Isle project. (Amazing, yes?) You can read more about her design process and experience with Fair Isle on her blog, here.

One thought on “Knitter Projects: Selbu Modern

  1. Erin says:

    It is certainly a beautiful hat!

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