Featured Find: Advice to Sink In Slowly

Advice to Sink In Slowly is a project devoted to inspiring and assisting first year design students. Started in 2006, the goal is not only to inspire, but to impart knowledge based on the experience of a recent graduate onto those just beginning their education.

thomas_austin_write Write Down Everything by Thomas Austin

Although quite a few years out of design school ourselves, we find the posters to not only be beautiful to look at, but we can easily find inspiration from them as well.

tem_treesss Be Patient by Temujin Doran

robert_evans_collaborations_0-1 Collaborations Are Fun by Rovert Evans

owen_davey_tea When in doubt, Make Tea by Owen Davey

a_timms_challengeyourself-cmyk Challenge Yourself by Amy Timms

To view the full collection of posters - of which there are many! - click here.