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An Interview with: Thea Colman of BabyCocktails {+ a Contest!}

Thea Colman of BabyCocktails, recently published a beautiful sweater, Drambuie, out of Canopy Worsted in Yerba Mate. If you don’t know Thea’s blog or designs already, they are most definitely worth a look! In honor of the release of the pattern, we asked her to participate in a little interview. Enjoy!


Kelbourne Woolens: Your blog is called BabyCocktails and the vast majority of your knitting patterns are named after delicious mixed drinks. In addition to posting your knitting projects and other life happenings on your blog, you also share unique cocktail recipes as well. When and how did this mix of yarn and drink happen and where does the name “BabyCocktails” come from? (and, might we add, we’re a little jealous we didn’t think of mixing knitting with mixed drinks more often first!)

Thea Colman: Ha! I’ve always knit, and I do have a thing for cocktails, so that mix of yarn and drink has been around forever. But, the BabyCocktails name and the business being attached unintentionally evolved over time.

The name: When my kids were smaller, and the afternoons got loooooong, I had a few good friends on my street. We’d get together in the late afternoons for a drink or two before dinner for a little sanity check, and we called those drinks “babycocktails” – since the cranky babies were the excuse for the cocktails. Which makes sense, right? For a business idea with one of the other women, I reserved the blogger page. The business never materialized, but I had the domain, had begun trolling other blogs, and when I decided to give blogging a go in 2005, I used it. Since I was already knitting and making drinks, the combination was there, and the name made sense, but it was purely editorial and I had no intention of doing much more with it.

Then I started designing little things. I loved it, but I thought each of my first few patterns would probably be my last and I’d be going back to work. However, the sweaters started selling and I started to think about designing as a potential part time career. From a marketing perspective, the name made total sense to keep – it was easy to remember AND had a theme built right into it. Starting with White Russian, I decided to tie the pattern names to actual drinks and create a more tightly woven identity around BabyCocktails. In the last few years, it’s panned out well. It’s a great conversation starter, a never-ending pool of pattern titles, AND a tax deductible way to go to the liquor store.


KW: You mention that you used to “have a career and all the trimmings” but now you focus on your kids and your growing design business. Knowing how much time it takes to put out quality knitting patterns, do you find that your new career is just as time consuming as the last? (except with this one, you can have a drink while you work, which was most likely frowned upon at your last place of employment).

TC: Well, my old life was in advertising, so the hours and the drinking might be about the same! However, this is more predictable – and I set the pace, which is important. I avoid a lot of hard deadlines, so that when I need to, I can put a project down. With one daughter in elementary school, another in middle school, and a husband that travels and works late, it’s key for me. As the girls get older, that will probably change, but for now it’s great to have flexibility to arrange my time.

I work on the business part of BabyCocktails 3-4 days a week, during school hours. That’s around 20-24 hours of real “work”. However, so much of this career is social, and more than a few of my friends come over to knit or to “help” with the cocktails, so a lot of my BabyCocktails work can happen with a house full of kids or friends around me. Plus the knitting is done almost all the time, everywhere I go. With that in mind, I’d be hard pressed to guess the amount of time in a week that’s work-related, and what’s just a blend of life and work. So, it’s probably more time spent, but most of it doesn’t feel like a job.


KW: It seems as if you started out designing accessories but jumped right into sweaters pretty quickly. A lot of your patterns in the last year have been sweaters in all different shapes with a wide variety of style inspirations. Is there a particular type of sweater that appeals to you the most, or are you more of an “equal opportunity” knitter when it comes to your designs?

TC: I am absolutely an “equal opportunity” knitter. I don’t always know what is going to stick, and my taste is definitely varied. I usually start with something I want to wear, or a single element I like, or a particular style I want to play with. Occasionally, it’s a sweater in a store that I think could have been nice IF ONLY it had {fill in the blank} and I play with the IF ONLY. And sometimes it’s a yarn I need to knit with. So, for each sweater, something does appeal to me, and it’s fun to let it dictate the rest of the project as it evolves. But the thing that appeals to me? It changes every time!


KW: From your other designs, it is clear you pay attention to yarn properties – gauge, construction and fiber content – when selecting them for your patterns. For your latest design, Drambuie, you used Canopy Worsted, a 3-ply worsted weight blend of alpaca, merino and viscose from bamboo. Why did you chose Canopy for this particular sweater? What in particular made Canopy a good choice for the end result you were looking for in the design?

TC: I actually chose Canopy without a sweater in mind. A friend of mine was making a cardigan out of the Ipe, and once I saw and felt it in person, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. So, in this case, the pattern was designed around the yarn. I really wanted to showcase the softness of the fiber and the burgundy/green color in the Yerba Mate. I started with a fitted cardigan idea, which didn’t feel delicate enough for Canopy. That design eventually turned into Mint Julep, and it was a swatch of the offset cable that eventually led to Drambuie. The motif was soft and distinct and elegant, which is what I think of the yarn itself. Coupled with reverse stockinette and a few columns of ribbing, the design was both simple and elegant enough to match the yarn. After that, it seemed natural to work in the fit and shape of the pullover, which is perfect for the amount of drape in the bamboo/alpaca/merino mix.


KW: What’s next for BabyCocktails?

TC: More of the same – a mix of styles and fibers. I would love to do another dress or try a skirt before the year is up. I’ve also made my first triangle scarf recently and think one of those might be in the lineup. We will see. My goal is to do at least a pattern a month in 2012, of which I have three so far. After a distracting year in 2011 (we sold our house and moved – I couldn’t even FIND my yarn for a while!), I am looking forward to doing a LOT more knitting and having about the same amount of drinks. (More of those are not a good idea.)


Thanks so much, Thea for participating in this interview with us! For you, our dear readers, we have an extra bonus for you! Leave a comment on this post telling us either your favorite cocktail {or mocktail!} to pair with your knitting/crocheting. Comments will be open until 12 noon EST on January 21st. We have combined forces with Thea, and she has generously agreed to donate a copy of the pattern to us, so one lucky commenter will be chosen randomly to receive a sweater’s worth of Canopy Worsted + the Drambuie pattern!

*Comments are now closed, and we will announce the winner on Sunday. Thanks so much to everyone who entered!*

215 thoughts on “An Interview with: Thea Colman of BabyCocktails {+ a Contest!}

  1. Megan says:

    I don’t drink alcohol, but I love any sugary fatty coffee concoction or hot chocolate that I can get my hands on while knitting! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous prize!

  2. Holli says:

    With knitting I usually go with wine or beer, but if someone is willing to mix me one, I’d love a Sazerac.

  3. Hannah says:

    I’m a beer drinker most of the time, but at cocktail time I’m drinking caesars all the way!

  4. Jani says:

    I have to go easy, but I wouldn’t say no to some OJ with a little Campari thrown in – even if I am knitting lace! Thanks for the contest – what a generous prize!

  5. Rachel R. says:

    I think wine generally goes better with knitting (I don’t know why!), but my favorite cocktail is probably a vodka tonic with extra lime.

  6. Andrea says:

    My current favorite cocktail is Wild Turkey Honey and local apple cider. I love Thea’s patterns!

  7. mary says:

    I took a trip to England last year and discovered cider! It’s not quite a cocktail but so delish and fruity. Otherwise, for a true cocktail, I’m a bit of a wimp and like either a lemon drop or mai tai. I love Thea’s patterns! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Carrie says:

    What a great interview! Thea’s patterns are so lovely, especially paired with Fibre Company yarn. As for my favorite cocktail, vodka tonics all the way!

  9. Christine says:

    I love mojitos, yumm!

  10. Lisa Barrett says:

    I LOVE a good Bloody Mary! Or a nice dessert wine. Or a good Pinot or Zin. From this list you would never guess I rarely drink 🙂 Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  11. nestra says:

    I’m pregnant so no cocktails for me right now, but a glass of wine is a favorite of mine when I can imbibe!

  12. Shellie Anderson says:

    My favorite cocktail is a pomegranate martini 🙂

  13. Lou says:

    My favorite cocktail is a French 75… I love anything with champagne!

  14. Anne-Marie says:

    Wine and knitting go so well together, especially with Thea’s patterns, but my current favorite cocktail would have to be the French Pear martini – pear vodka, st. germaine, a little lime…yum!

  15. Astoria says:

    Thea has been one of my favorite designers for a while as my Ravelry queue clearly attests. I haven’t knit one of her sweaters yet, but I am gearing up to soon! Love this interview, thanks for sharing!
    (I may be boring but I generally drink black tea with whiskey or brandy in it and lemon. )

  16. Stephannie says:

    Margaritas! on the rocks, with salt, and a Grand Marnier or Cointreau floater. Best I had was in Taos, sweetened with agave nectar.

  17. Liesl says:

    Drinking and knitting don’t mix too well for me, as I am already a pretty loose knitter, but my cocktail of choice is usually something creamy like a White Russian.

  18. Bridget says:

    I *love* martinis! Having said that, when I am knitting, I can’t drink anything alcoholic, because it makes me fall asleep. (The drinking not the knitting.)

  19. Eva says:

    What a great giveaway! I have a sweet tooth, so my favorite cocktail is a Piña Colada… 🙂

  20. Jessie says:

    I love love love Manhattans, but tend to stick to the less-alcoholic things when I’m knitting. Hard cider or red wine, mostly, so I can keep my wits about me and don’t mess anything up too badly!

  21. Lynda says:

    It’s not very imaginative but I’m a Cosmo girl through and through. If I’m really treating myself, I like to add a little lightly burnt orange peel to the mix – really brings out the flavour.

  22. Kamigaeru says:

    I usually knit in the evenings, and with it being so chilly lately my favorite sit and knit drink is hot chocolate with generous splash of dark rum.

  23. DeeAnn says:

    I love theas blog and so happy to find the fibre co blog also. I am new to knitting and am trying to learn all I can from you experienced knitters. I have several of your patterns and I am so pleased at how well written they are.,I am able to understand and follow quite easily.thanks again, I”ll keep following.

  24. Caity says:

    My go to cocktail is a 7&7…though beware…they pack a punch!!

  25. Katie says:

    I don’t drink anymore, but when I did my favorite drink was Irish coffee. I also drank whiskey and Coke as well as anything in a martini glass.

  26. Michelle says:

    I seldom drink alcohol beyond a glass of wine occasionally, but I do enjoy Kahlua and coffee at least once in the winter – is that a cocktail? I do love Thea’s designs – have some yarn put back for Dark and Stormy right now.

  27. Kelly K. says:

    I love me a good mojito and my knitting after a long stressful day at work. It’s my escape from the hectic daily grind. I pretend I’m on a faraway beach sipping my drink and knitting away to my heart’s content even if it’s only for a half hour!

  28. Michelle says:

    I’m not quite 21 YET, but when I get there I’m sure I’ll enjoy settling down with a cold beer and my knitting!

  29. I love a good coffee drink with my knitting. Or a nice IPA. I really love this sweater and would be thrilled to knit it.

  30. Nan says:

    Mojitos! Something about the combination of mint and lime…

  31. olwyn says:

    Knitting by the fire while the Pacific Northwest winds blow, I’ve been enjoying sipping tiny thimblefuls of Ginger Wine in the evening. I’m thinking Drambuie might be just perfect for my January startitis- I’m just finishing Thea’s Gimlet and am looking about for the next project….

  32. Laura says:

    I love a good mai tai, but I’ve discovered that I shouldn’t pair drinking and knitting, so I tend to stick with earl grey when I’m knitting.

  33. Camilla says:

    I like a little honey wiskey with hot water and lemon when I’m snuggled up with my knitting.

  34. Melissa says:

    This time of year I love hot drinks plus most of my knitting happens at night. So I like to have a hot coffee with cream and sugar and a bit of kahlua to balance out the caffeine and alcohol. In the summer a nice cold sangria is just the ticket.

  35. helena says:

    i have to pick JUST ONE?! these days it’s a hot toddy. keeps me cozy in the cooler weather, with a blanket on my lap. and of course, something SIMPLE to knit (do not knit complicated things with boozes!). right now i’m making garter-stitch legwarmers (which are then grafted so as to be seamless).

  36. Katy says:

    Fun interview! I love Thea’s aesthetic — pretty details, and overall very wearable. 🙂

  37. Katy says:

    Oops — forgot to mention a drink. Does Diet Coke with a squeeze of lemon count?

  38. Angie S. says:

    I am not much of a drinker, but I do love Margaritas or Chocolate Martinis. I can’t say I knit and drink because there would be too many dropped stitches.

  39. Deb J says:

    HOT DUTCHMAN1 oz ChocoVine
    1 oz Orange Liqueur
    ¾ oz canella syrup
    1 small French press of dark roast coffee
    This drink tastes much better when a fresh French press of coffee, but you can still add the orange liqueur, canella and ChocoVine to your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy!

  40. Deb J says:

    Forgot to add……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  41. Estella says:

    Wine, definitely wine…I also like Prosecco! thanks for having a contest!

  42. Janet says:

    I love a good Bloody Mary and a Sunday afternoon knitting session.

  43. Turtle says:

    I love love love Thea”s designs and have tried many of the cocktail recipes as well! I just adore a good “nutty Irishman” when i am looking for something creamy, a “Sedona airport margarita” when i want something sweet and a good old “gin tom collins” when i just want a drink!

  44. Sandy says:

    My absolute fav is a bloody Mary, closely followed by a margarita. But if I am out in the snow I really love a hot apple pie (Tuaca, hot apple cider, whipped cream, cinnamon), particularly while wearing one of my sweaters knit from a babycocktails pattern!

  45. Liz says:

    Red wine for me, but I love the BabyCocktails blog and all her drink recipes!

  46. spider ravelry says:

    ooh lemondrops!

  47. Lisa says:

    I usually stick to hot tea when knitting – I have a great fear of making a mistake and usually need to concentrate.

  48. Sarah says:

    “Blueberry Tea” – tea with amaretto and a splash of Grand Marnier, if I’m feeling cozy and don’t mind the caffeine….but a glass of red wine is always a good stand-by (not technically a cocktail, but still an adult beverage!) Love the sweater!

  49. Margie says:

    Irish Coffee is both my favorite drink and favorite sweater, however, if I mixed the two, I’d never get any knitting done. I LOVE the story of how Thea came up with the “BabyCocktails” name!!

  50. Amy says:

    I make enough knitting mistakes on my own. I don’t need to add alcohol to the mix. ;0) My drink of choice when not kntting is an Amaretto Sour!

  51. Amanda says:

    Hmm, I love appletinis (sp?), but the last time I drank one while knitting I had a really interesting looking washcloth! At least it was only a washcloth!!!

  52. Liz M says:

    I like a good margarita or mojito now and then, but my new favorite is the Dark & Stormy (whiskey + ginger beer + lime). Good thing Thea has a pattern for that one too! 😉

  53. jennifr says:

    My fave is a dark & stormy, especially when husband makes it with his homemade ginger beer!

  54. Cathryn says:

    I usually end up unknitting more than I knit when I drink, but that’s OK! My favorite new drink is Thea’s Pre-Turkey cocktail with cranberry vodka.

  55. lilea says:

    Other than wine, I love things made with light rum. I’m always up for a new suggestion for an interesting cocktail!

  56. Jen says:

    I love Thea’s designs! And knit in this yarn–it’s a homerun. Anyway, my favorite cocktail right now is RumChata with some ice. YUM. If you haven’t tried RumChata, check it out. It’s very, very tasty (and made in Wisconsin.)

  57. Nicole says:

    Hmm, knitting and coffee is always my favorite. Although, I do from time to time have a pint of locally brewed beer with my knits! I’ve followed Thea’s blog for a while and her patterns are so functional. Thanks for this opportunity!

  58. Amy says:

    I have a glass or 3 of wine about once a week after my 3yo and my 2yo are in bed and it’s movie night with my hubby. Other than that, I enjoy bacardi and diet coke. I rarely knit when I drink because it usually means more work for me since I have to frog what i knit. :o) I love Thea’s designs and I have knit 2 of them so far. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Deb says:

    Really enjoyed this interview and I love the pattern knit in this yarn. I’ve been following Thea’s blog so it was a treat to read more about her in this interview.I guess I’d drink my favorite cocktail, a Cosmo, while knitting this if I could!

  60. Rachelle says:

    I don’t really drink cocktails or even mocktails; my main drink with knitting is actually a hot chocolate made by my beloved. Fair Trade hot choc with sweetened condensed milk, normal milk and hot water is yummy! On a really decadent day we’ll use full-cream and a touch of Kahlua.

  61. sylphette says:

    I love to make dirty martinis with bleu-cheese stuffed jumbo olives, but my go-to daily cocktail is vodka plus a flavored-sparkling mixer. Love your work! A girl after my own heart.

  62. Karalee says:

    Thea’s design with this yarn is a fabulous combination! Thanks for the chance to win. I don’t often drink while knitting, but my favorite drink this time of year is hot chocolate spiked with peppermint liqueur (in summer, I like a gin and tonic).

  63. Susan says:

    I’m not much of a cocktail drinker (upscale beer is more my speed), but I’d be hard pressed to turn down Kahlua in anything!

  64. Tere says:

    Love Thea’s designs, so well written too.My favorite drink is King of Snake.
    It’s made with ginger, jalapeno vodka, lemon juice and Cointreau.
    It has an earthy taste.

  65. Janelle says:

    I imbibed a “mistletoe martini” at a holiday crafting party, but for regular knit nights, it’s always wine. And chocolate. Gotta have that!LOVE babycocktails’ patterns!

  66. Shanna says:

    Oh! I Don’t drink alcohol but coffee and knitting is what I usually go for! Love the pattern (and all her patterns), Thank You for the chance to win this great prize!!!!!

  67. Ashley says:

    Wow, what another beautiful design! Thea’s patterns just keep getting more and more beautiful. What a great giveaway too…I just used my first fibre co. yarn this week and can’t wait to use it again.
    While I usually enjoy a good IPA while I knit, my favorite cocktail of the moment is a nice and simple gin and tonic. Tanqueray all the way!

  68. Becky Holmes says:

    I am a wine girl when it come to knitting. Cocktails make me too sleepy to knit! I love Thea’s designs, especially the tunic length sweaters.

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I’m a big fan of a good old fashion and some knitting, or group get together at the local beer hall with a pint and some knitting. I’m looking forward to starting Thea’s Irish Coffee soon. Should be a fun knit!

  70. Jamie says:

    You can’t go wrong with a great summer day, yarn, and a margarita. When it’s too cold to knit with margaritas, you can’t go wrong with a glass of white wine.

  71. Marianne Godfrey says:

    I love Thea’s designs and cannot wait to make her Drambuie. My favorite cocktail is water with lemon which I know is boring but my knitting isn’t.

  72. Tanya says:

    When I’m knitting, I typically stick with an herbal tea, such as rooibos. Afterwards, however, I love a good Dark & Stormy (the pattern which I’m knitting now, btw!) or a glass of Malbec.

  73. Sharripie says:

    I’m not much for mixed drinks, but I do enjoy a nice bourbon & soda. Since I live in Kentucky, there are all kinds of tasty, reasonably-priced bourbons to try. I’ve used Canopy fingering and loved the results of my project, so I think I’ll like it worsted too. Thanks for offering the yarn!

  74. Trudy says:

    White wine is my drink of choice – sauvignon blanc, albariño, or pinot grigio. However, I have to watch it when knitting lace!

  75. Katie says:

    In the winter, a warm mug of mulled wine goes great with a cozy knitting session!

  76. Julie says:

    Nothing beats a nice glass of wine and some quality knitting time 🙂

  77. dclulu says:

    I love Thea’s designs — I came here from her blog — even though I don’t really drink. Maybe a glass of red wine every now and then.

  78. Kristi says:

    I love a nice “sex on the beach.”. One is enough though- too many of those and you’ll be regretting your knitting the next day!

  79. Kathleen says:

    I had a really tasty caramel vodka straight up today. It made my provisional cast on go just fine!!

  80. Amy P says:

    White Russians are probably my favorite cocktail for knitting, but it’s a close call with margaritas. Thank heavens I don’t have to choose!

  81. Melissa says:

    Lovely sweater (and yarn!)!! I think mimosas and knitting are a great combo.

  82. Deirdre says:

    I’d have to say that a glass of red wine – syrah or merlot – and knitting make me very, very happy… and mellow 🙂

  83. Melanie says:

    I don’t drink cocktails often, I’m more of a wine or beer girl. But I do love maitais or blue hawaiians, esp. in summer!

  84. JoannaCos says:

    There’s nothing like a classic margarita. So simple, so yummy.

  85. Lynn says:

    Fittingly enough, my favorite cocktail is a Rusty Nail, or as my parents called ti, a Bloomer Dropper. My summer cocktail is a Bacardi Cocktail.

  86. Dianne says:

    My favorite cocktail to have at home is a White Russian. I really enjoyed the interview with Thea!

  87. Linda Cannon says:

    Love both blogs and the yarn she used for the sweater is yummy as is the pattern.
    My favorite cocktail is a Pear Martini, if I can find the pear juice, made with pear gin. Yum Yum, and helps me keep on knitting.

  88. kelly-ann (ravelry) says:

    Love a frozen lime cooler with vodka during the summer – so refreshing. Love the new design – great designer.

  89. Loel says:

    Well, in the summer you can’t beat a gin and tonic or a mojito for sippin’ while knitting in the shade…but in the cold weather, I like Irish coffee. There ought to be more hot cocktails for cold weather. Oh! Hot sake is nice in the winter…but you have to sip those slowly. Those little bitty cups can add up pretty fast! 🙂

  90. Melissa says:

    I usually love a beer, but sometimes I can’t resist a margarita!

  91. Cheryl says:

    Red wine is my favorite beverage of choice when knitting but as for a cocktail…nothing is better than a good mojito on a hot summer day! I just love Thea’s latest sweaters and can’t wait to cast on a little Drambuie!

  92. Elly says:

    I enjoy a champagne cocktail while knitting. I wonder if that explains why I knit Cassis twice?

  93. tracey says:

    I enjoy a Pimm’s cup or amaretto sour. They both are so refreshing.

  94. jill says:

    In the summer I’m a fan of a nice gin and tonic on the back porch with my yarn as a companion – okay, my friends and family too! This winter I’ve been drinking Murphy Goode Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s been a nice winter.

  95. Denise says:

    I mostly drink wine while knitting, not too much of course : ) but my favorite cocktail is a Cosmo. Love the design!

  96. Tara says:

    Rum and coke for me, please! And I love Thea’s patterns. I am almost finished with Alene’s Wrap. Thanks for the chance to win. I have never knit with your yarns.

  97. Kathy says:

    My favorite cocktail is a Chocolate Espresso Martini. I loved this interview – Thea’s designs are fabulous, and Drambuie in Canopy Worsted is stunning!

  98. Beverly says:

    I like a Cape Codder…cranberry juice, seltzer, a squeeze of lemon, and a dash of citron vodka.

  99. I love a good Cosmopolitan, but not while knitting. Lol.

  100. Beverly says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I don’t really drink cocktails very often, but I do love coffee with Khalua (sp?) on a cold night. I always enjoy Thea’s blog though, even if I’ll never try the drinks. Her patterns are beautiful!

  101. Heidi H says:

    There is something about a glass of wine that goes perfectly with knitting.

  102. terri says:

    The Hummingbird

  103. RebeccaM says:

    Loved Rombauer wine until my son told me its nickname is Cougar Crack!I try not to knit and drink–that never seems to work out well!

  104. Amanda says:

    It’s hard to choose just one knitting cocktail, but I’ve been on a bourbon and ginger beer (really gingery ginger beer) kick lately. Yum.

  105. marina says:

    i’m not really a cocktail drinker – i prefer a mug of hot chocolate with little marshmallows!

  106. Sarah Jorgenson says:

    I love all kinds of cocktails. Margaritas and Bloody Mary’s are on the top of my list. I love your yarn and the Drambuie pattern is in my que waiting for some yarn!

  107. Susan says:

    Wine is more my style, but Thea’s Dark and Stormy is just about the best sweater I’ve ever knitted! So It is probably my favorite cocktail.

  108. Diane says:

    My favorite cocktail is a Dirty Martini…however Dirty Martini’s and knitting don’t mix…….Great interview Thea…..and beautiful pattern

  109. Dorre says:

    tamarind margarita sooo delish 🙂

  110. Nora Brown says:

    I really like Old Fashions. And I really like this sweater!

  111. Niki says:

    I like many different drinks, but I think a good vodka tonic with lime is my favorite. Great interview, and I love that pattern!

  112. Vicky says:

    Can’t go wrong with a nice glass of wine or the occasional margarita. Enjoyed the interview!

  113. Dawn K says:

    Passion Fruit Mimosa is my favorite

  114. Kathy N. says:

    I loooooooooooove Margaritas but may have to try a Drambuie if I win this lovely pattern and yarn! <3

  115. Bonnie says:

    Well I have learned, after much frogging, that I can’t drink and knit! But I do likea glass of wine.

  116. Rachel Steinberg says:

    I am a beer drinker, but love the winter spiced ales best when it’s cold outside, wheat beers w/ lemon in the summer

  117. Barb T. says:

    I am knitting a Norie for a friend, and the perfect cocktail is what my boyfriend and I call Nectar–fruit juices and vodka!! Yum, and yum to your yarn and Thea’s designs–love both!!!

  118. Lisa L says:

    As a fairly new knitter, I know the dangers of KUI (Knitting Under the Influence) and have learned that I really can’t do it. One glass of wine max, or I will be frogging. But I do love to have more than one glass of wine and search patterns and plan my next project! And Drambuie is on the list.

  119. Julie says:

    Vodka and tonic. Clean and refreshing! A great interview. I’m knitting the Irish Coffee pattern right now 🙂

  120. Karen T. says:

    A glass of chardonnay works for me. Anything stronger would make me drop stitches and I hate waking to that discovery the next day. Lovely sweater.

  121. Grace says:

    Happy Hour for me is usually a glass (or two) of a good red wine in the winter and whites in the warmer months. I am plannning on knittind Dark and Stormy after I finishe a few other WIPs. Thanks Thea,!!!

  122. Kate says:

    Interesting theme for designs. The first cocktail I ever tried was a Fallen Angel – very deceptive as it tasted like a cherry milkshake – definitely would not have been a good idea to knit at the same time.

  123. Amy says:

    Margaritas ALL THE WAY!!!!!! And Baileys on ice is nice too:)

  124. Jenn O. says:

    Karma cocktail (1/2 pineapple juice, 1/2 coconut rum) because it’s so easy and tropical. Great yarn and pattern!

  125. Kara says:

    Does iced tea count as a “mocktail”? I can’t drink and knit at the same time because very bad things happen, so I really stick with tea, coffee, and water.

  126. Chris C. says:

    Ha! I definitely can’t pair drinking and knitting. I’m a lightweight, so the combination leads to certain disaster! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  127. BethS says:

    I don’t really drink often, but if I do, red wine is my first choice. For non-alcoholic bevs, I go with lemonade or sweet tea in the summer and coffee or chai tea lattes in the winter. Yum!

  128. Miriam says:

    I am partial to cosmopolitans. Would love something feminine and pink with a bit of a kick.

  129. Laura says:

    Does tea count as a cocktail? I couldn’t live without my knitting and my cup of tea. Thanks for the contest.

  130. Billi Cummings says:

    I’m a plain jane, crown & coke for me. Funny thing my husband has been a bartender too.

  131. Erin says:

    A glass of wine or a beer is perfect for an evening of knitting. This is a gorgeous pattern with lovely yarn!

  132. Jean says:

    I have to say I like my alcohol to not taste much like alcohol (which can be a dangerous combination, knitting or not!) but my favorite drink is the vodka creamsicle. I don’t have specific amounts, but we use either orange flavored vodka or unflavored vodka, orange juice (you can omit if using orange flavored vodka), and vanilla (or french vanilla) ice cream. Mix in a blender. It’s like a creamsicle milkshake with a kick. I also like ameretto (Disarono) and cherry coke zero or diet cherry coke 🙂
    LOVE the new pattern!

  133. Lolly Register says:

    That would be either a black russian or a cold mocha coffee!

  134. Dorothy says:

    I used to stick with red wine while knitting, but once I saw Thea’s St. Germaine Gimlet,I switched to that. Yummy, and therapeutic!

  135. Karin says:

    Our summer drink was side cars. Usually I prefer gin, either gin and tonic or gin martini’s. I am often tempted to try Thea’s cocktails. My father often drank drambuie. Maybe I should give it a try.

  136. Lisa says:

    Coors Lite…not a cocktail exactly…just yummy.Lisa

  137. Sarah-Hope says:

    Red wine, gin and tonic, mojito, margarita. The red wine and gin and tonic are what I drink at home. The mojito and margarita are what I order when I go out.

  138. Lauren says:

    Just a diet Coke!

  139. Deb C says:

    Drinking and knitting sound like two relaxing elements but not to be paired by me, I’m afraid, I tend to find myself frogging out everything i’ve done, even tho it seemed perfectly fine in my wine induced state. My blog should be named’knitting disasters’ since I’ve attempted Alleghany multiple times since the fall, only to have frogged back to Chart 1 every time. So do I give up the wine or wait until I’ve finished knitting for the night to celebrate?

  140. Debby says:

    A gin and tonic goes great with knitting in the summer.

  141. Kriszti says:

    My favourite cocktail is a Long Island Ice tea but that is for partying and not knitting, so I usually drink a bit of wine or whiskey while knitting. 🙂

  142. aplayfulday says:

    I LOVE my traditional British drink- with a twist. A Gin and Tonic with Rosemary ice cubes!

  143. Linda Kurtz says:

    I do love a Beefeater martini although I’m afraid not much knitting gets done if enjoying one!

  144. Janice says:

    Love the interview almost as much as I love Thea’s designs.Usually a wine drinker but when I have a cocktail I like a Vodka Gimlet or a Dirty Martini.

  145. Anna Flowers says:

    It’s been chilly here in Western NC – a Hot Toddy goes oh so nicely with knitting now.

  146. Maureen says:

    For this time of year (it was 10 degrees when I left for work this morning), I like a hot toddy.

  147. May says:

    A cup of green tea and knitting – my perfect relaxation tonic 🙂

  148. Hiedi says:

    What a great interview!! I’m a gin and tonic girl!

  149. Savannagal says:

    I usually have a glass of wine, Cab, Zin, or Pinot Noir. But on a Friday night I might have a martini or long island iced tea.

  150. Annette says:

    no cocktails for me. am big fan of flavored coffee.

  151. Gwen says:

    Usually coffee with a flavored creamer. Once in awhile a glass of wine.

  152. Marie says:

    Longisland ice tea. Thank you very much.

  153. Helen says:

    Whiskey Sour for those special occasions. I also like a good margarita.Love the new pattern.

  154. krista says:

    I find that champagne goes with evey knit every time. During winter, gluhwein is essential, of course. And I won’t say no to G&T, either. wait, was it only one?

  155. Jessica says:

    I’m not too much into cocktails but a good bordeaux or 20 year ond single malt scotch make me very happy!

  156. Samantha says:

    My favorite drink to pair with knitting is actually tea since sadly for me, booze and knitting results in a lot of ripping the next day! My current favorite is PG Tips black tea — it’s good and strong and I feel cozy drinking it with yarn in my lap.

  157. Kathode Ray Tube says:

    White wine for me! Or a peach bellini.

  158. meppybn says:

    Thanks Thea and Kelbourne girls – so generous of you!! For me sipping a good New Zealand Pinot Gris goes very well with an evening of whatever is my project of the mo’ 🙂

  159. Leisa says:

    one glass of good quality Sauvignon blanc is all I can manage while actually knitting.but I can really put away the ice water.
    Love Thea’s Designs, they are great patterns to work from

  160. jackie says:

    Thanks to all for this generous giveaway. Afternoon knitting is usually done with Pepsi or coffee – to much ripping out would otherwise occur.

  161. Traci says:

    I stumbled onto BabyCocktails only a few months ago and Vodka Gimlet and Allegheny are at the top of my queue! I like a good pomegranate martini with my knitting as long as it’s not lace!

  162. Nina says:

    Oh nom … depending on the weather, I’m partial to either a Manhattan (if it’s cold outside) or a glass of crisp and cold Sauvignon Blanc (if it’s warm out) while doing some after work knitting!!

  163. Diane says:

    Have a weakness for port wine!Just one glass with after dinner knitting!

  164. Anett says:

    Normally I don’t drink alcohol when I knit. I like to combine with a nice cup of Darjeeling tea. But if I had to choose I would take a glas of good, dry white wine.

  165. emily says:

    Ah, Canopy, my favorite yarn.
    Make mine a vodka martini with extra olives.

  166. Sarah says:

    Whiskey and ginger ale. Perfect for drinking while knitting!

  167. JOanna says:

    Since its been so cold, I’ve been spiking my coffee with Bailey’s!

  168. Joanne says:

    I usually knit with a mug of chai tea latte by my side. I love Thea Coleman designs, and would love to try out some Canopy!

  169. Kim says:

    With knitting, prefer coffee. But perhaps a glass of beer or wine if it’s a foolproof pattern at the right time of the evening! I did recently try a vodka gimlet in honor of Thea’s pattern, though, & it was quite nice…

  170. Pam says:

    There is nothing more relaxing than having a Guinness Stout while knitting socks.

  171. Mary says:

    my favorite cocktail to mix with knitting is a martini. gin. very dry. with a twist of lemon (or lately, clementine and a splash of orange bitters). this means I knit a lot of stockinette! (my favorite drink for really knitting is coffee!)

  172. Pat says:

    I am a keel ahul. Perhaps a jigger of rum and some Verner’s ginger ale with a little bitters. yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

  173. pat says:

    HI — I always drink tea , nice and strong when I knit – could not be help responsible if I knit and drank alcohol — not sure what actually would turn out

  174. ikkinlala says:

    This time of year it’s probably a hot rum (not buttered, just dark rum, hot water, and a little bit of honey).

  175. Pam says:

    A dirty martini is my choice of the perfect ‘knitting cocktail”.

  176. Pam says:

    A dirty martini is my choice!

  177. Sandra says:

    I just discovered a drink from Puerto Rico called Coquito…love it while knitting! Great interview….I just adore the pattern and yarn choice!

  178. Annie says:

    On a hot summer day, i like to sit outside with a tanqueray and tonic, YUM!!

  179. Christine says:

    I’m a big fan of pretty much any juice with a splash of vodka in it – but just a splash or else the knitting can get a bit funky!!

  180. My favorite drink is a Frescatini (cucumber martini) or a Cosmopolitan. But at home I usually have a good Chardonnay or an iced latte!
    Love your yarns and can’t wait to try them!

  181. Heidi Rosin says:

    The interview was awesome and I am a HUGE fan of Thea’s. I no longer drink alcoholic beverages (although I love a Kaliber once in awhile), so I love that I get to knit them instead. Prior to no longer drinking…I’d have to say Colorado Bulldog (white russian with spritz of coke). 🙂
    If Thea loves your yarn I am going to have to check it out!

  182. Sherri says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great yarn and a fabulous pattern! I prefer a glass of wine instead of a cocktail.

  183. Robby says:

    would love to get my greedy hands on some canopy worsted – yummmmm! i’m an equal opportunity cocktail drinker, but lately it’s been cold evenings by the fire with a good ole red wine…

  184. Sunnyknitter says:

    A low-carb margarita for me, please, although lately I’ve been craving a Colorado bulldog made with skim milk and diet Coke It’s my day off, think I might just have that tonight and treat myself to casting on one of Thea’s patterns that I’ve got.

  185. Karen says:

    I am martini girl, but not while knitting. Usually just water with my yarn!! Have been following baby cocktails for some time now and love it.

  186. A lovely pinot noir and all the bumps and bruises of the day seem to drift away. It helps me to slow things down a wee bit and enjoy the rhythm of my needles as the color and texture of the yarn flow from my fingers. But, when this granny is feeling naughty, there is nothing like a little Sex On The Beach.

  187. andrea says:

    a tom collins or a gin + tonic is right up my alley.
    or, i go for a glass of red wine or a nice lager.

  188. Jen says:

    Love a vodka tonic with lots of fresh lime, although I’ve never been known to turn away a good margarita on the rocks. I’m a huge fan of Thea and her Babycocktails patterns, great article.

  189. Kirsten says:

    Cool! That’s one of my favorite cables, Canopy’s dreamy, and I love the built-in sort of sleeves.
    My favorite cocktail by a mile is the Negroni, named after its inventor, Italian Count Camillo Negroni in 1919. Equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, poured over ice and only gently stirred, sometimes served with a pulpy orange slice. Equal parts bitter, sweet, and melancholy, a perfect apertif for a quiet evening. Gleams like a ruby at the end of a darkened bar. While I normally prefer fancier gins, I found Gordon’s to work best in this one. If you hate gin, vodka can be substituted.

  190. Melissa says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about your yarns lately and have been dying to try them out. And, of course, I LOVE Thea’s designs. I usually like a cup of coffee with my knitting or if I’m feeling really adventurous a Bailey’s and hot cocoa. 😉

  191. Linda says:

    Margaritas with a heavily salted rim are at the top of the list. Although not a cocktail–red wines, such as merlot or cabernet, run a close second. Thea–love your patterns. The Canopy Worsted looks so rich.

  192. Jessey says:

    I love Thea’s patterns! While knitting, I usually stick with something simple – jack and ginger, particularly.

  193. Kathy says:

    Love a lemon drop martini on a hot summer day. Probably not while knitting though!

  194. Carolyn says:

    Usually a nice glass (or two) of Cabernet Sauvignon. Keeps me relaxed without causing me to forget how to count.

  195. Jennifer F says:

    I would love to knit this, so thank you for the opportunity!!My favorite drink to pair with my knitting (and this is especially in the winter months) is a Manhattan. You MUST add an “all natural” maraschino cherry and a bit of cherry juice – purchased at Whole Foods. That makes all the difference. : )

  196. Julia J says:

    Love your designs! And I will definitely be making Drambuie soon, for sure!
    As for drinks, while I love a good glass of pinot noir, my favorite drink that I discovered this past summer was a Dark and Stormy (love the pattern of the same name, too, but that’s another story 🙂 A friend mixed me one of ’em (or several, to be honest) on her sailboat in Marblehead harbor on the fourth of July, and I was hooked! Goslings Ginger Beer, and Goslings rum, over ice, with a lime twist. Yum!

  197. Amy says:

    I am in the middle of knitting my first Thea pattern (Irish Coffee) now and it will definitely be the first of many. I LOVE her designs and her pattern is so clear! As for the drink, I’m a beer gal myself and am currently enjoying the last of my Shipyard Pumpkinhead ales.

  198. JPKnitKnot says:

    Gotta have a mug of something…coffee (green mountain breakfast blend), tea (teavana samarai chai), or a good rich hot chocolate (godiva dark hot chocolate mix).Love Thea’s patterns and the interview! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!!

  199. Christine says:

    I am not the adventurous type and usually stick to either a Diet Mountain Dew or Hot Chocolate 🙂

  200. Cosette Pathak says:

    The older I get, the harder it is to do two things at once, but I find a glass of Pinot Grigio over ice a lovely companion for an afternoon’s knitting by the fire.

  201. Bobbie in AK says:

    Thanks for a great contest! I love Thea’s patterns and it would be awesome to be able to try out some “new to me” yarn. Whille at home, a glass of Sangria is nice. Or a cold Hefeweizen. During my weekly knitting group I stick mostly to a strong cup of coffee.

  202. Joan M says:

    Thanks for this contest – lovely yarn & design. A glass of Shiraz or a Smuttynose “Old Brown Dog.” But if it’s a complicated pattern, make it a selzter please!

  203. Melissa says:

    A hot cup of tea is generally my companion for knitting, but I do sneak in a Kahlua and cream or glass of Pinot Noire every once in awhile. Like some of the others have said alcohol and knitting can sometimes prove disasterous. 🙂
    And thanks for the contest. I’ve been admiring Thea’s patterns for awhile, and I’ve never tried your yarn and am always excited about trying new yarns!!

  204. Susan says:

    My fav knitting beverage is either coffee or a mocktail — equal parts of seltzer water and OJ with a splash of pomegranate juice
    I’d love to try Canopy and love Thea’s patterns.

  205. Sharon T says:

    During the winter, a cup of hot chocolate (with or without a little peppermint schnapps) pairs just fine with my knitting.
    Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. Very generous.

  206. Pat Glauer says:

    Nothing better than waking before anyone else and sitting down with a strong mug of hot coffee and my project of the moment with at least two full hours of uninterrupted solitary knitting….and my husband still can’t understand why I am retired and still get up at the crack of dawn!!
    Love Thea’s pattern and the Canopy yarn!

  207. Juli von says:

    It’s not exactly a cocktail but I do love a nice cup of hot chocolate with some Bailey’s Irish Cream mixed in with it. Yummy!

  208. Melissa says:

    I love to end the day with some knitting and a decaf coffee with Baileys….what a way to say goodnight! I really love Thea’s designs, and would love to try Canopy. Thanks for the great interview and giveway!!

  209. Kelly says:

    I love to knit with some home-mixed herbal tea. Usually a lemon balm, peppermint, lavender mix. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  210. Rita Varneke says:

    When I’m doing knitting that requires paying attention (am working on a lace stocking, my own pattern), I lean toward a cup of coffee with a shot of Irish Mist. When its easier knitting, I prefer a cold Molson (not a cocktail, I know, but still, I like it and that’s what counts).

  211. Carol Green says:

    Its a very pretty pattern and I love your yarn as well. Would love to get this pattern! I knit in the morning when I first get up with that good cup of coffee.

  212. GinkgoKnits says:

    I guess I was getting caught up on my blog reading just in time — who can resist a Fibre Company sweater. Thea is totally charming in this interview. For a favorite knitting drink, I’m afraid it’s boring old Coca-Cola for me. Out here in California, I’m much more likely to be drinking iced coffee or tea than snuggling up with something warm to drink and a pile of wool (though, at least in NorCal we need our wool).

  213. Jodi says:

    Coffeetails and teatails for me, and if I really want to party while knitting, I have a Mountain Dewtail! I really like your patterns, and admire you for giving up your career and taking a chance to do what you love. Good luck with your goal of 12 in 2012, hope t o see them published soon. Thanks!

  214. Dorothy says:

    I love Thea Coleman’s designs! Thanks so much for sharing this interview. I was thinking that Drambuie would be a perfect sweater to wear to the Sheep and Wool Festivals this year!
    Lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of water while knitting (white lace. Seems safest). However, if I’m going to splurge on a cocktail, it would probably be a Cosmopolitan.

  215. Vicki says:

    I do love cocktails, and tend toward the gin and whiskey varieties. I can’t choose one: GIn and tonic! Gin martinis! Old Fashioned! Oh, and Negroni!

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