New Colors for Spring 2012!

We’re delighted to announce our new colors in for Spring 2012! First up, a perennial Fibre Company favorite, Road to China Light! The three new colors we’re introducing are not only beautiful on their own, they were designed to fill in some gaps we were bothered by in the line as a whole.


A smokey mid-tone brown with hints of plum and grey, Moonstone is a sophisticated neutral designed to go with anything. We have found ourselves constantly picking up the few loose skeins we have stashed in the office and saying “ooh…this would make a nice {insert pretty much everything you can think of here}…”


A showstopper of a color, Abalone starts with a base of dark green, and is layered with a deep brown and grey for a rich, saturated and complex duotone. We have this color in a few other iterations in some of the other lines, and despite the slight differences the twist, ply and fiber content produces in each yarn, every shade is always gorgeous.


Not quite green, not quite blue, Apatite is a perfect saturated peacock with hints of light and dark tones.  It looks great with neutrals such as Smoky Quartz, Hematite + Grey Pearl, but also would make an amazing striped or color work project with Citrine or Peridot.

For the full color palette of Road to China Light, check out the webpage here.

Next up, Terra! For this season, we brought back four oldies but goodies. Each color was in the originally Fibre Company palette before we started Kelbourne Woolens, so we really worked hard with our dyers to get the colors just right and are delighted with the results.

Black Locust Bark

How does one even begin to describe Black Locust Bark? One part copper, one part gold, with flecks of steel, dusky blue and tan highlights. It isn’t a brown, it isn’t a green, but it sure is beautiful!


Belladonna was color we wanted from the beginning but it took a little bit to get exactly right. This, too, is one of those Fibre Company colors that is hard to pin down – it is simultaneously plum, copper, and royal purple with pale lavender silk flecks and we’re both really pleased with the result of three years of development it took to get it just right!


Ash is a mid tone grey-blue – Shale’s less saturated sister, if you will. It has fewer drastically different silk flecks than Belladonna and Black Locust Bark, but the subtle variations in tone – from dark slate all the way to pale dove – make for a really beautiful color with endless possibilities.

Copper Pennies

Ah, Copper Pennies! A vibrant, almost glowing, turquoise blue, we both love how it looks alone or paired with other colors in the line. One of our more “solid” colors, Copper Pennies gets its amazing depth from a subtle range of shades that begin with pale mint and travel all the way to deep bright turquoise.

For the full color palette of Terra, check out the webpage here.

And last but not least, Acadia! We’ve been absolutely floored and pleased with the response of Acadia so far, and are delighted to be able to offer you four new colors for spring!


Strawberry is a bright reddish pink with pale pink silk flecks. The interplay of the dye on the dark alpaca creates a greyish under layer providing a really unique depth of color that tones down the “pinkness” of it all. If pink is your color, this sophisticated take will be a perfect shade for you!


Lupine gets its name from the beautiful tall flowers that dot the Maine landscape. A reddish purple with subtle hints of navy and pink, the bright lavender flecks add a unique pop to the sophisticated color. A true “royal” purple, Lupine looks lovely with cool and warm tones alike.


Blueberries, the tasty sweet treat synonymous with Maine, are well loved by young and old alike. This deep navy blue with flecks of purple is reminiscent of the delicious summer fruit. The heathered alpaca base creates a blue with a slight grey cast and the pops of purple on the silk noil add a lovely bit of visual interest.

Douglas Fir

A true earthy slightly golden green, Douglas Fir gets its depth from pale silk flecks – some are purple, even! –  and shades that range from deep golden yellow-green to rich olive. The addition of the subtle brown tone that come through on the lighter shades adds a lovely sophistication to the color as a whole.

For the full color palette of Acadia, check out the webpage here.

All eleven colors are in stock and ready to ship – enjoy!

One thought on “New Colors for Spring 2012!

  1. Marissa says:

    The Moonstone is gorgeous! I’m loving the color lately.
    Black. Locust. MUST. GET!!!

    P.S. I love my Fibre Company bag so much! It’s my new go-to bag. Thanks!

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