Finished Project: Rocky Coast Cardigan

The Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig from her wildly popular self-published book with Alana Dakos, Coastal Knits, has taken the knitting world by storm. For more info on their design process and experience writing the book, be sure to check out the  little interview we published with Hannah + Alana as part of their ongoing blog tour about a week ago. Originally designed in Organik in Arctic Tundra, Kate decided to knit a Rocky Coast for herself out of Crater Lake. {If any of you are surprised by this, make sure to ask Kate about her desperate and never ending love of the color grey the next time you see her...but be prepared to hear her jabber on for a bit...}


As some of you can probably see, an open cardigan is what Kate needs to help her keep warm over the next few months, as we are happy to officially announce that she is expecting her first child at the end of February! {Her husband, of course, is hoping the baby is one of the rare 5% and comes on its due date, February 29th, as he finds the idea of a leap year baby thoroughly entertaining.} As the baby grows and the weather cools, Kate knew she would need a few more cardigans to add to her collection that would keep her warm and covered.


To accommodate her continued growth, Kate made a few slight modifications to the pattern. For those of you familiar with the pattern, the sweater is designed with an open front. Since anything she wears right now is already "open", Kate wanted to get the sweater a little more closed in the front to maintain coverage. Additionally, she has pretty broad shoulders for her frame, so typically needs a lot more raglan increases to account for this extra width. As a result, she cast on for the smallest size, then worked the raglan increases until she got the numbers for the 3rd size. She also worked an increase on each end of the fronts every 6 rows until each front had an additional 6 sts - or one cable repeat. This added an additional inch and a half to each side.


The rest of the sweater was knit pretty much exactly as written. The end result is a lovely warm cardigan she is sure to get a ton of use out of. As you can see, it already had a day out this past week while we were in San Mateo teaching at Interweave Knitting Lab. Thanks so much to Margaux for taking us out for the day in San Francisco on Wednesday and showing us such an awesome time. {Extra special bonus points to anyone who can identify the location of our photo shoot!}

For those of you interested in some more beautiful projects in Organik, you can check them out on Ravelry here. Again, our Congrats to Hannah + Alana for such a gorgeous and successful book!