Work in Progress Wednesday

Kate took a trip to Vermont this weekend for a mini-vacation away from the home renovations that have rendered her kitchenless for the last month. {Really. No kitchen to speak of. Even for someone who isn’t really into cooking, the whole thing is getting a bit tiresome}. Somewhere along the NY/NJ border she started crocheting granny squares out of Organik and now she can’t stop.


When the madness is over, there will be 25 squares, each unique, and they will get sewn together into a baby blanket. {8 down, 17 to go}.

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. meppybn says:

    Love the colourways – go granny!!

  2. Karen says:

    I, too, love the colors. Is this a pattern? If so, can you tell me the name of it? I am not really that into crocheting but those squares really caught my eye; maybe it’s the colorways. Pretty!

    1. Hi Karen,The “pattern” is a plain ol’ granny square. If you’re looking for some good patterns or tutorials, a quick google search brought up a ton of great results. You can see them here. Good luck!

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