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Weekend Hats: Glashütte + Trellis

We’re delighted that Melissa + Cecily‘s new book, Weekend Hats {rav link} {web link} has been released and is swiftly making its way to a LYS near you. We’re doubly delighted that we have two designs featured in the book, the Glashütte Hat {rav link} by Kate and the Trellis Hat {rav link} by Courtney.


For the Glashütte Hat, Kate created an all over cabled pattern that worked its way around the body of the hat.  The traveling motif creates an organic pattern, and the name glashütte, {“glassworks” in German} is a nod to the stained-glass effect that is created by the motifs.

Image by Joe Hancock + © Interweave Knits

The top of the hat features integrated decreases within the cable pattern and is finished off with a pom pon. The combination of the cables and the warm and soft Road to China Light makes this hat a perfect wintertime accessory.


For the Trellis Hat, Courtney knit a classic and sophisticated hat perfect for every day wear. Because hats offer more flexibility in color possibilities than, say, a sweater, she combined two of her favorite colors of Canopy Fingering – the bright mint green of Fern with the unique bronzey-yellowy-brown of Coqui.

Image by Joe Hancock + © Interweave Knits

Letting the yarn and colors speak for them selves, she focused on the shape and decreases on the tam, creating a finished hat with unique decreases that resemble a spiderweb.


For more info on the Glashütte Hat, check out the ravelry page {here}, for more info on the Trellis Beret, check out the ravelry page {here}!

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