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We are getting super excited for our trip to Portland, Oregon next week to teach a weekend of classes at Knit/Purl!

On Friday, June 24th, we will be at the shop from 5-7 for a book signing, trunk show, and to answer any questions you may have.

Then, Saturday and Sunday are filled with 4 really awesome classes – On Saturday from 10-1, we will be teaching the Roositud technique using the Yvette Roositud Beret from the book. Roositud is an Estonian inlay technique in which a contrasting color is wrapped back and forth between the front and back of the fabric as it is knitted, resulting in a geometric pattern that looks similar to embroidery. The roositud technique allows the knitter freedom to place a motif anywhere and to use as many colors as desired. Traditionally, roositud inlay was used only on mittens and stockings, but the technique is worked as a graphic motif on one side of this beret for an up-date on tradition. For more information, and to sign up for the class, visit the Knit/Purl page here!

Yvette Roositud Beret by Kate Gagnon Osborn*

Then, in the afternoon from 2-5, we will be teaching Setesdal Knitting, using the Telemark Legwarmers as our example. A traditional Norwegian knitting style, this stranded colorwork technique is most traditionally worked in black on white for high-contrast patterns. Perfect for students interested in learning another stranded colorwork technique, this class will teach today’s knitters the ins-and-outs of traditional Setesdal techniques. For more information, and to sign up for the class, visit the Knit/Purl page here!

Telemark Legwarmers by Kate Gagnon Osborn*

Then after a relaxing delicious dinner (have you heard about all the amazing food options in Portland? We have and cannot wait to eat our way through the city!), we’re back again on Sunday morning from 10-1 to teach the beautiful Whitby Stockings. Knit from the knee-down, these stockings are an excellent introduction to Fair Isle. The “Fair Isle” motifs are simple banded patterns using different peerie designs on each stripe. To account for the calf, the stitch count changes as the shaping is worked down the leg. Included in this class is learning to read from charts, learning to knit Fair Isle stranded colorwork, and shaping socks to fit your leg. For more information, and to sign up for the class, visit the Knit/Purl page here!

Whitby Stockings by Courtney Kelley*

Then, last but not least, from 2-5, we will teach Bohus knitting using the Baltic beret from the book as our example.  In the class, we will cover basic and advanced Fair Isle techniques, including using 3 colors per round, purling in Fair Isle and tips and tricks on color theory and picking colors for optimum results. Originating in Sweden, Bohus knitting techniques are a great way to change up traditional Fair Isle/ stranded colorwork items. Involving the use of purl stitches in combination with 2-color knitting can create either a pop of color or, alternately, it can mute colors depending on how they are used. For more information, and to sign up for the class, visit the Knit/Purl page here!

Baltic Mittens + Beret by Kate Gagnon Osborn*

For more information on the weekend of events, visit the Knit/Purl post about it here, or, better yet, call the shop at 1-866-656-KNIT. We’ll see you there!

{All Images © Interweave Press and used with permission}

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