Work in Progress Wednesday



Something a little different….the Kelbourne Woolens website!

Over the last few weeks, Kate has been plugging away, bit by bit, here and there, little by little, at making the Kelbourne Woolens website more streamlined with the Fibre Company website, merging the two slightly and updating the pages to be more user-friendly. Its very close to being complete (just the for sale individual pattern pages remain) so we had to share the results with you!


Because the two companies technically are different (Kelbourne Woolens is the distribution company, The Fibre Company is the yarn company), we feel it is important to have the two sites and for them to each have their own place, but since they both have a lot of the same information and link among themselves we thought it would be easier to make the two a little more streamlined aesthetically to make it easier for you to navigate.


Make sure to hit “REFRESH” or clear your cache when you load the site pages over the next few weeks to ensure you are viewing the new site, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into any problems (broken links, missing images, etc) when you do!

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