Our Trip to Space!

Yesterday we did a book signing and Yvette Roositud (rav link) workshop at Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA.

Our morning began with a quick (but delicious!) brunch at Vermilion Restaurant right around the corner from the shop.  The food was excellent.


While we were at Vermilion, the Fibre Space staff was hard at work setting up a really lovely display of the garments from Vintage Modern Knits in preparation for the signing.  It was so nice to see the projects on display with all of the yarns.



We then spent the day at the shop , first signing books and hanging out with all of the lovely knitters coming and going throughout the early afternoon.  We (quite smartly, don't you think?) placed ourselves right near a pile of absolutely delicious cupcakes.  (Kate's favorite is red velvet with cream cheese frosting, Courtney will eat anything chocolate, especially if peanut butter is involved....you know, just in case you were wondering...)


Lesley took time out of celebrating her birthday (Happy birthday Lesley!) to stop in and get a book, as well as show off her gorgeous thrummed mittens she knit in Terra.


We also were delighted to see Tracy and her finished Adelaide (rav link) - she stayed up very late on Saturday in order to finish in time for the signing and class!  We absolutely love the neutrals and pink combination she chose for the sweater.


After the signing, we moved into the class space and put our students to work learning the Roositud technique.  We really enjoyed teaching and talking to everyone, so extra special thanks to our students for being so wonderful and spending the afternoon with us!



Thanks again, Fibre Space!


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