Name Our Colors Contest!

I remember being a little girl, thumbing through catalogs and thinking about how great it would be to get to name all the colors.  Sage, Eggplant - or the particularly fancy Aubergine - Rose and always an "Iced" something.  Ice Pink, Ice Green, Ice Blue.

Well, now it is a part of our job here at Kelbourne Woolens and we want you in on the fun!

We are introducing a few new colors of Canopy Fingering this fall and we need help coming up with some names.  All of our yarns have a theme, and Canopy's theme is "Fruits of the Forest."  We like to pick names from tropical plants, Rainforest fauna and naturally steamy places tucked deep in the jungle.

Below are photos of the 12 colors we are choosing from, ultimately we will pick between 4-5 from the bunch. Help us out, leave your color name with the corresponding number in the comments and if we pick yours we'll send you a skein of it and pattern to make the Springtime in Philadelphia beret when the arrives in the warehouse in a few months!

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This contest is pretty open ended and we looking to receive your suggestions until the end of February.  We can't wait to see what you come up with!

{Thanks so much to all of you who played along! The contest is now closed and we are so excited by all the great names to choose from. Once we get our shipment from the mill we will announce the winners.}