A moebius cowl, VK Live, Meg Swanson + The Farm

Not a bad lead in for a post, eh? And not too shabby for a Saturday.

How did it all begin? Well, as you know, we wrote a book. (Officially released today)!  And this winter and spring we are going on a little tour to promote said book.


The first stop on the tour was at the premier VK Live event at the Knitty City booth.  The booth could not have been busier, the employees of Knitty City could not have been more helpful and we could not have been happier to be there.


At the end of the day, after we had made our rounds of the show floor, we went back to collect our things to make our trek to Brooklyn for dinner.  We were delighted to see that none other than Meg Swansen was doing the final signing of the day.  Because the booth was packed and many people wanted to meet her, we were expecting a short but sweet conversation, but not any ‘real’ significant face time.  We lucked out, though, and she was gracious, charming and patient and we were able to talk for a while about our book, the techniques, patterns and inspiration. (Between us, I think we both started to cry a little at one point).


In a moment of kismet, Kate was wearing her moebius cowl, inspired by  from Knitting Around (hers is about 10″wide, but only 28″ long) in Canopy Worsted in Orchid with an attached i-cord border half in the Orchid and the other half in Terra in Anemone.  A brand new knit – she had cast on for the cowl late Thursday night when she realized that she needed (well, let’s be honest, wanted) a new scarf to wear at the event, and finished the last few stitches on the way up to New York – it was wonderful to have met Meg Swansen on the first day of wearing the cowl.


As if the signing, wonderful show, meeting Meg Swansen and finishing a new knit sure to get a ton of use were not enough, we ended the evening with a delicious, entertaining and inspiring dinner at The Farm with Cirilia and Jess, a perfect ending to a really wonderful day.


One thought on “A moebius cowl, VK Live, Meg Swanson + The Farm

  1. Cirilia says:

    Such a happy, happy weekend! Love you guys =D

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