Work in Progress Wednesday


The New Year is on the horizon.

For this Work in Progress Wednesday I thought we could take a chance to reflect upon the greatest work in progress Kate and I  have, Kelbourne Woolens. August of 2010 marked our second year as distributors of The Fibre Company yarns, a job which we both feel incredibly honored to be a part of and one that a few years ago we could only dream of. We’ve come a long way! We’ve gotten to know so many wonderful shops and designers, gotten to travel and meet knitters all over the country and we’ve learned a lot about running a yarn company. And, somehow, in the middle of it all we wrote a book!


Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!

8 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. andrea says:

    what a cute photo of you two! happy new year!

  2. I still remember the moment when you two came rushing up to me at TNNA in Columbus announcing you had just decided to launch KW (which I recall, you had named 3 seconds before?) You two seemed like you had just won the lottery and your adrenaline was palpable. What a great memory!

  3. jessie schell says:

    I couldn’t be more AWED over all the amazing & beautiful things you’ve done–Bravo, hurrah,yippee !!!!!!!

  4. Manise says:

    Kudos to you both! Happy New Year!

  5. elsa says:

    congratulations! love the picture and have a wonderful NEW YEAR!

  6. DC says:

    You too are so amazing and inspire me to no end. I love you and congratulations on your success!! May you have a even more wonderful New Year!

  7. DC says:

    You “two”. Ummmm… time for bed.

  8. Lynn says:

    And raised a toddler and finished a masters degree. Congrats to you both

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