Work in Progress Wednesday

It is hard to believe it was over a year ago that we were starting the process of knitting the designs for our book, Vintage Modern Knits. While we absolutely loved the design process, it left little to share with our readers in terms of our current knitting projects.

Fast forward a year, the projects are done, patterns are written, photographs taken, pages have been laid out and edits made. Although the book knitting and designing is complete, we are still constantly brainstorming, knitting and swatching for our Free Patterns, For Sale Patterns and Publications, but we do have a little bit of spare time to focus on other projects – ones for ourselves by designers we admire, re-knits of favorite Kelbourne Woolens patterns, even a few from the book in alternate colorways! We thought it would be great to share these projects with you in a quick weekly posting we’re creatively (hah!) calling “Work in Progress Wednesday”.  A photograph or two, a quick description of the pattern and yarn and that’s it! So enjoy the first installment and we hope you look forward to more. Maybe you will see something that will inspire you, find a new pattern to knit, or look at one of our yarns in a new way.




Aidez Cardigan by Cirilia Rose from Berroco. Knit by Kate out of Terra in Shale.

(Raveled here).

2 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Cheryl says:

    That’s a gorgeous pattern, thanks for the link. I love the blue!

  2. […] Aidez Cardigan was the first project to be featured on Work in Progress Wednesday, and was knit on and off throughout Kate’s final thesis semester of grad school this fall.  […]

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