An Interview with: Cecily + Melissa!

We, like many of you, are super excited about the release (TODAY!) of Melissa LaBarreCecily Glowik MacDonald‘s new book with Interweave Press, New England Knits! (For a complete list of the projects on Ravelry, click here).  We have a few special connections to the book — firstly, we adore Cecily + Melissa and have been waiting (not so patiently) for the release, secondly, Kate has a pretty strong affinity for New England (in fact, she is in the car driving there right now for her annual family vacation) and thirdly, there are two really stellar projects in the book featuring Fibre Company yarns, Kate’s Whale Watch Hat (blogged here) + the  Mystic Pullover by Melissa –  so we are doubly excited to be able to do an interview + contest with them celebrating the release!

Here goes!

Kelbourne Woolens: Let’s get back to basics.  When did you start knitting and what led you to start blogging?  Did you know each other prior to starting your blogs, or did you meet via the online knitting community – either Craftster, Ravelry or reading each other’s blogs?

Melissa LaBarre: I learned very basic knitting in the mid-90’s, while working in a nursing home. I picked it up again 6 years ago and never put it down again. Cecily and I met a long time ago through mutual friends, but we lived in different states. We reconnected once we found each other on Ravelry and realized we had a lot in common.


Montpelier Jacket by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

Cecily Glowik MacDonald: I have a BFA with a concentration in painting and moved to NYC after college where I soon found it impossible to find space and enough ventilation to use oil paints in our tiny apartment. I had mentioned that I would like to learn how to knit to a non-knitter friend and she gave me a copy of the Stitch-n-Bitch book as a Christmas present.  I quickly became addicted. And, yes, thanks to Rav Melissa and I got to really get to know one another.  I feel like I am still very new to blogging and don’t quite have it all down yet.

KW: Did you find yourself designing your own original patterns from the start of your knitting experience, or did you evolve into a designer as time went by?  What led you to become designers if the process was an evolution from ‘casual’ knitting?

ML: I accidentally made patterns by just making things up for myself. I never thought that I’d be writing them down for others.


Hampton Cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald

CGM: I immediately began adjusting and adding to the patterns that I was knitting for myself or for gifts.  Once I found out that anyone could submit designs to most knitting magazines, I started submitting.  I think because I started so early after learning how to knit, I had no fear of rejection.  I just had a lot of hope that someday one of my designs would get published!

KW: Can you talk specifically about your book, New England Knits?  What was the inspiration behind the book — (besides how awesome New England is!), and why did you want to work together on your first book?  Did you find the process for the book was different than your process when knitting an individual garment for a magazine or other publication?


Providence Hoodie by Melissa LaBarre.

ML: I think New England is kind of notorious for being both awesome and then unpredictable, weather-wise. Really, that crazy weather was major inspiration for the book, and why it’s loaded with cardigans, which are great pieces over several seasons here.

CGM: The wonderful and intense temperature changes through the seasons and even within the same day in New England makes for great inspiration for hand knits that are versatile.  I wanted to work with Melissa because she is one of the most wonderful, interesting, talented, kind and thoughtful women I know. Because I had a job in the knitting/yarn industry, I had experience needing to have a bunch of designs brought to completion at the same time. I just had to remember to balance my knitting time with my pattern writing/ grading time.


Mystic Pullover by Melissa LaBarre (featuring Organik in Atoll + Aquatic Forest)

KW: What is your favorite item in the book and why?

ML: Oh boy, of Cecily’s patterns, my favorite is the Hampton Cardigan.  It’s in my house right now and i might not give it back! Of my own sweaters, I’d have to say the Providence Hoodie. I know I’ll wear it lots after the trunk shows.

CGM: Melissa’s Salem Hooded Jacket! Pockets, a hood, and the beautiful ribbon detail = love.  From my projects, it would have to be my silliest one, the Montpelier Jacket.


Salem Hooded Jacket by Melissa LaBarre

KW: You asked 4 other designers, including Kate – lucky her! – to design an item for the book.  Why did you choose Kate, Kristen, Carrie + Cirilia to participate?

ML: Well, New England Knits started out as an idea for a multi-designer book, but evolved into our own book after talking with Interweave. We were still hooked on the idea of having some of our talented friends participate, so we got to keep 4 guest designers.


Whale Watch Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn. (you can read about this design here).

CGM: All 4 of these wonderful and talented ladies have New England connections and are incredible people with amazing design skills!

{Kate takes a moment to blush/pat self on back}

KW: You both have a very impressive portfolio of published designs.  All demonstrate a wide variety of items – sweaters, accessories, even some skirts.  Do you have a particular item you like designing best, or technique that you are most drawn to, or are you more “equal opportunity” designers?

ML: I enjoy knitting hats and sweaters the most, so that’s what I tend to stick to design-wise.

CGM: I definitely enjoy designing garments the most, cardigans and skirts are my favorite items. I think that I might actually enjoy grading patterns more than I would like to admit to myself.

KW: If time – or possible practicality – was not an issue, what would you most love to knit/design?

ML: If time was never an issue I’d design only fingering and sport-weight sweaters. unfortunately time is always an issue.

CGM: Oooo, more dresses!


Chelsea Skirt by Cecily Glowik MacDonald

KW: As designers, you have published your patterns in a wide variety of formats, including Interweave and Vogue magazines, your own book, New England Knits, for yarn companies (including our own!), and also self-published patterns.  Did this just ‘happen’ as a natural result of your designing or did you make a conscious choice to not limit yourself to one variety of publishing media?

ML: What I most enjoy about designing is working with a variety of yarns and working with and meeting new people through each opportunity. I’ve learned a lot this way.

CGM: Yes, I am just so thrilled to now be able to design with any yarn that I want to.  I feel like each new yarn I get to knit with brings new ideas for designs.  There are so many amazing people in the knitting world that getting the chance to work with many people and many venues provides tons of new chances to learn more about designing.

KW: When designing, do you have a project in mind and then choose the yarn to go with it, or do you first swatch and then design a project specific to the yarn’s properties? Do you find that your methods change depending on the project or do you have one way you always work?

ML: For self-published designs, I’m often inspired by yarns (I work at Webs, it happens a lot), for other publishing routes, I have to submit the design without knowing what yarn I’ll use, so I often pull design ideas from the notebooks I have around the house.

CGM: My methods definitely change.  When submitting for magazines or books, you need to have the design ready to go and keep the details true to your accepted submission.  When designing for self -publishing, the idea that I begin with often transforms as I work on it.

KW: Is there anything else you would like to add?

ML: Your yarns are dreamy.

CGM: I second that!

KW: Thanks, guys!  We think you’re pretty dreamy, too.

But wait, there’s more! As a little added bonus, we wanted to give you, dear readers, an opportunity to win a copy of their fabulous book, New England Knits, AND the yarn to make Kate’s Whale Watch Hat (rav link here, blog post with more details here).  That is 4 (count ’em, FOUR!) skeins of Canopy Fingering, one each of Orchid (white), Macaw (navy), Blue Quandons (bright blue) and Fern (mint green) AND a brand spankin’ new copy of New England Knits!  Woot!

How does such an amazing thing happen, you ask?  Just post a comment here answering this question:

What project from New England Knits is at the top of your Ravelry queue and why?

The contest is open from now until July 11th, 12 midnight EST.  Once all comments are in, we will randomly choose a winner!  (Please be sure to include contact info – an email will suffice – in your comment).

(Unless specified, all images © Interweave Knits and used with permission from the authors)

**comments are now closed!  We will announce the winner this evening, July 12th.  Thanks SO much to everyone who participated!**

173 thoughts on “An Interview with: Cecily + Melissa!

  1. Susan says:

    hampton cardigan because I love cardigans with some deatin and can’t wait to knit with the cormo/yak yarn – Susan C

  2. Maureen says:

    The Providence Hoodie! It just seems like something I would want to wear every weekend all weekend long!

  3. Eliza says:

    I love the Mystic Pullover — it is funky but casual, and I am likely to knit that first. But also really like the skirt, though I’ve never knit a skirt. This might be the moment to try…I also love and MISS New England…!

  4. Maryanne says:

    I think the Ashfield Cardigan is my favorite. I love the shaping, and I really don’t think that gorgeous purple, which is my favorite color, swayed my decision at all 🙂

  5. Rachel says:

    The Whale Watch Hat because:a. It’s ADORABLE,
    b. I’ve never tried colorwork before, and this seems like a good place to start!

  6. susan says:

    As soon as I get the book, I’m casting on for the Windsor Warmer. Such a versatile piece and who can argue with cashmere!

  7. Sherry W says:

    The Whale Watch hat! It slays me that the whales spout water on the top! I really like the Hampton cardigan too.

  8. Vanessa says:

    i love Montague! I think that looks like the perfect fall in New England knit. Plus its feminine and flattering and looks fun to knit. The Greylock Tunic is my second choice, but eventually i hope to knit them all!

  9. Kelly H. says:

    the providence hoodie–i looove all that texture!

  10. Jenna says:

    Thanks for offering this contest! I have to chose the Salem cardigan, as it would be a great piece of outerwear here in the NW. The wool yarn and hood would keep the rain at bay. I love how it’s practical but has lovely, feminine, stylish details.

  11. Lydia-Carlie says:

    As a fairly new knitter ( I learned January 2009) I have decided that the Montague Bulky Lace Vest is what I want to knit as my first sweater-like project. I love the combination of a lace pattern in a large way that still looks delicate. Also, it looks very doable, unitimidating but at the same time I’m sure I will be challenged.

  12. Ashley says:

    Salem Hooded Jacket! I cannot wait to knit it. But I also am actually considering to get up the gumption to knit the skirt, which I love with all my heart (I just don’t know if my body type agrees) and Kate’s Whale Watch Hat is such a must-knit too.

  13. Debbie B says:

    I love the Salem Hooded Jacket.

  14. kate says:

    It’s hard to pick just one favorite pattern, so I’ll list my favorite three – the Greenfield Cardigan, the Montague Bulky Vest, and the Lewiston Striped Vest. They are all simple knits that are stylish and timeless.

  15. Lauren says:

    Definitely the Mystic Pullover because – pockets!!

  16. Karma says:

    Hampton Cardigan is the first thing that caught my eye from the book, but the rest of the garments are so beautiful. I would love to receive a copy!

  17. Em says:

    Congratulations on the book. The designs really succeed at melding a New England sensibility with contemporary shaping and detailing. It’s fun that they’re named after so many places I already know and love, as well.
    I’ve put the Brattleboro Hat at the top of my queue, because a) it’ll be small enough to work on during the sweltering NYC summer (if only it cooled off at night here the way it does in Brattleboro), b) it’s a great shape for my big head, and c) I’ve already got the New England yarn with which to knit it: a skein of lovely Swan’s Island Worsted.

    Not that I wouldn’t be equally happy to make the Whale Watch Hat. I just finished a mitts project using Canopy Laguna, and have a definite jones to try out more Canopy colors.

  18. Megan says:

    Wow, I really want to knit the Chelsea Skirt. I love the button detail down the side of the skirt. Very clever!

  19. Margaret Harvey says:

    The skirt!!! My Daughter would love this skirt. it is really nice. The Hampton is next.Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Leah says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I will list my first two: the Middlefield pullover and the Hampton Cardigan. And at some point I will have to knit the Windsor warmer. Most likely it will ome down to whatever pattern fits the yarn I have closest to me when I open the book!

  21. orinda5 says:

    Definitely the Montague Bulky Lace Vest!

  22. Lori says:

    I adore the Salem Hooded Jacket and the Windsor Warmer – don’t know which I’d do first! The twin eyelets around the yoke of the jacket are just adorable, and the windsor warmer is just such a chunky, warm-looking cowl I think it would be a must-have.

  23. Eline says:

    The Mystic Pullover – that pocket detail is just so clever (bonus: I’ve never knitted anything with pockets so I would learn something new) and I love the contrasting colour used for ‘lining’ – and that big collar looks so cozy! The front/back cable pattern seems easy to adjust/change, so that you’ll be able to customize the pullover and make not only one beautiful pullover but two or three or……

  24. Marcua says:

    The mystic pullover is my favorite.

  25. Marcia says:

    Sorry, goofed up my name. The mystic pullover is my favorite.

  26. MBW says:

    The Ashfield cardigan! I adore the waist shaping and not having to knit a buttonhole band. I also have a leaf lace problem.

  27. Bley says:

    Definitely the Salem Hooded Jacket;; love it! Cannot wait to see this book!

  28. Kristen says:

    the chelsea skirt–i adore it!

  29. Essie says:

    the Celsea Skirt for sure!

  30. Bridget says:

    I would definitely start with the Whale Hat, because I love whales, and the color blue! Plus, doing the hat would mean that I would be able to to do one [relatively] quick project, which would inspire me to the others!
    I just can’t wait to see this book in person.

  31. GinkgoKnits says:

    Ashfield is probably my first choice — followed closely by Melrose. I’m fascinated by Cranston though — and if I had room in my budget for the Organik sweater that would be tops but now that I know it’s in that yarn, I’m not sure I could settle for anything else.

  32. Karalee says:

    The Greenfield cardigan – so pretty in garter stitch, with that lovely leaf detail! Or maybe the Augusta cardigan with the cozy cables … or else the Derry raglan and cowl; I love the simple lace on those.

  33. Allison Kelsey says:

    Tough choice! I think Middlefield edges out Derry — just! I miss Rhode Island!Congrats on the book — it looks really good.

  34. sharon says:

    I love almost all of the patterns in the book, but ever since I saw the cover, I knew I’d definitely knit the Middlefield pullover first. I love how the geometry of the striping makes the otherwise pretty simple-looking sweater very interesting.

  35. sacha says:

    I love the Providence Hoodie- nothing like a homemade hoodie- it looks like the pattern is interesting and that I would learn something new with that project + I’d love to wear it!!

  36. Gaby says:

    It’s a tie between the Oldport Pullover and the Chelsea Skirt. The texture on the sweater is so yummy, and I always have a soft spot for knit skirts.

  37. Jodi says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket is at the top of my list! It looks so cozy, plus I already have all the Manos I’d need for it. Honestly, this looks like an amazing book. The Hampton Cardigan is great, too.

  38. Megan says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket, definitely. Everything I’ve seen from the book thus far looks fantastic!

  39. kala says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket because it’s unique yet very wearable!

  40. Melynda says:

    Something about the Providence Hoodie pulls me in- but it’s not the only one, there are actually many items in this book I would love to knit (and all for myself!).

  41. Meghan says:

    The providence hoodie looks like it would be a perfect fit in my wardrobe. Love that texture!

  42. Rebecca says:

    The Auburn top. But all of the designs are so inspiring!

  43. laura says:

    ooooh it would have be be Mystic Pullover! How can i go past a lovely cowl, royal blue, and my favourite addition to any item of clothing – pockets.
    I love it!

  44. Abby says:

    Salem Hooded Jacket is at the top of my ravelry queue. I love the texture in the pattern. Plus there is pockets!

  45. Jessica says:

    The Mystic Pullover is #1 for me, I can’t resist those pockets.

  46. dclulu says:

    Salem hooded jacket. Love the pattern, though I will make it without ribbons.

  47. Kiersten says:

    So excited to see this book come out!!! I love the look of the Hampton Cardigan…the lines are beautiful and I love the simplicity.

  48. Amy says:

    I would LOVE to make that skirt!!! Perfect for my PNW fall weather!

  49. cristalle says:

    The Providence Hoodie! Because of the gorgeous cables and the moss stitch, not to mention my boyfriend is from Rhode Island. And I already have the yarn to make it!

  50. Sushi Pie says:

    I just added the Providence Hoodie to my queu. I absolutely love the cabling at the bottom and all of the different components like the hood, the shoulder decreases, and the cuffs!

  51. Miriam says:

    I would choose the Povidence ‘hoodie because I love wearing hoodies. I also enjoy the challenge of working with cables. One of my good friends lives outside of Providence ,so my kids and I spend time there each summer. The sweater would be also be a reminder of those good times.

  52. Oiyi says:

    The top of my list is Providence Hoodie. Why? Because one can not have too many hoodies in their wardrobe. Hoodies are so versatile. It can be worn underneath a heavy winter coat or used as a coat during Fall. I often wear a hoody while puttering around the house.

  53. Sara says:

    i like so many of the projects but i think the whale hat is my favorite. stranded colorwork + cute things = happiness.

  54. Sara says:

    The Mystic Pullover had me at the pockets…love!

  55. Rebecca says:

    This is such a generous giveaway! Thank you so much!! At the top of my queues at this moment is actually the Chelsea Skirt. I have never knit a skirt, but would LOVE to. This is gorgeous. I love it! It has beautiful shape and that touch of lace at the bottom is lovely. It is also the perfect length, I think. I would love love love to knit this. In fact, I believe I will 🙂

  56. Allison says:

    Salem Hooded Jacket…although it’s such a tough decision between that and the providence hoodie!

  57. Daria says:

    I’ll knit the Chelsea Skirt because I think there’s way too few knitted skirts around!

  58. Well, I don’t queue things before I have both pattern and yarn, and I don’t *yet* have the book, but I’m in love with the Chelsea Skirt, The Whale Watch Hat and the Salem Hooded jacket to name a few.This book is perfect, ig you ask me 🙂

  59. asbn says:

    The Mystic Pullover. I love the pockets, and with a good worsted weight, it will knit up quickly :o)

  60. sy says:

    i’m putting the Whale Watch Hat at the top of my list, it’s so cute and looks easy to tackle.

  61. Birgitte says:

    Definitely the Mystery Pullover! I love that pocket detail…!

  62. Meya says:

    The hampton cardigan, because I love lace cardis ! They can be simple but stylish ^^But there are so many lovely things in this book to choose…

  63. Christine says:

    I like the Mystic pullover, but there are certainly some great things in the book!

  64. Cyndi says:

    Mystic Pullover is my favorite!!! I love the open turtle/cowl neckline and the zigzag stitch pattern. I have been lusting after several of the patterns in this book actually. Would love to own a copy!

  65. Janet says:

    Either the Salem or the Hampton cardigan. After having purchased waaay too many knitting books, and not always knitting any of the patterns from them, I had recently decided that I would not be purchasing any more, but I am so excited about this book and the amount of very knittable patterns that I absolutely adore, that I will most definitely be making an exception, and plan to order the book today!

  66. Beth says:

    The Derry Raglan! I’m never attracted to crew necks. NEVER! My queue is almost all cardigans. But this one is so beautiful, & I think it would actually flatter me.

  67. DARLENE says:

    The Chelsea Skirt, it has 3 or my favorite knitting elements seed, ribbing and lace!

  68. Liz says:

    Do I have to pick just one? I loved hooded cardigans so it has to be the Providence Hoodie!

  69. Love the Chelsea skirt! I love the whole concept of the book! I was born a New Englander but now live in the Midwest and often long for the culture and “flavor” of the east coast. It looks Cecily and Melissa have brought those flavors together in this book! Lovely!

  70. Gina Beirne says:

    The Mystic Pullover is at the top of my Ravelry queue because I love those zigzags!

  71. amy says:

    the windsor warmer- i love cowls and buttons!

  72. robyn says:

    i have to pick only one pattern i’d like to knit?! Gah! I’d love to make the following: Brattleboro Hat, Greenfield Cardigan, Greylock Tunic, Hampton Cardigan, Middlefield Pullover, and the Windsor Warmer. Too manyt o choose from!

  73. Rose Wippich says:

    I will be knitting the Chelsea Skirt. I love it because it incorporates both a feminine and edgy style. The frill at the bottom is feminine while the bottons on the side are fun and sexy. Thank you for all of the great designs in this book.

  74. Sara says:

    There are so many patterns in this book I’d like to make, but I think I would start with either the Old Port Pullover or the Middlefield Pullover.

  75. Ami says:

    The hampton cardigan!

  76. Anisa says:

    I am already almost finished making a Chelsea skirt. The next project, I think, will be the Whale Watch hat! I love colorwork!

  77. Ivy says:

    The Middlefiled Pullover. It looks so lovely and cozy yet flattering…

  78. Leslie J says:

    I was going to say the Salem Hooded Jacket because I’ve never made a sweater before, but the Whale Watch hat is so awesome!

  79. Melissa says:

    The whole book is so fabulous, so it’s hard to pick just one to be at the top of my queue, but if I had to, I think I would have to go with the Chelsea skirt. I love little lace trims peeking out from an overlayer.

  80. Kelly says:

    The Hampton Cardigan is gorgeous. I have recently developed an addiction to knitting sweaters and cardigans. This lovely piece will soon be feeding that habit soon.

  81. liz says:

    I love the Providence Hoodie, but the whale watch hat appeals to my love for knitting hats!!

  82. Erica says:

    Definitely the Hampton Cardigan! I need more sweaters for work. The Chelsea skirt is going to be a close second… I’ve always wanted a knit skirt!!

  83. molly says:

    The Providence Hoodie! I went to school in Providence and am a Rhode Islander at heart. Plus the design of the hoodie is so gorgeous and wearable!

  84. melanie says:

    The Ashfield Cardigan, because I love the lace on the front. There are so many great designs though!

  85. katy says:

    can i really only choose one? i guess it would have to be the providence hoodie since that’s my city. but i want to make them ALL!

  86. Samantha says:

    I quite like the Providence Hoodie for it’s dense fabric, the tall hem at the waist, and the textured hood. I could see getting a lot of use out of the Greylock Tunic though, so that’s a close second.

  87. Monica says:

    What a great interview! The sweaters are all so wearable, but the Providence Hoodie is my favorite in my Rav queue. The rich textures look so cozy!

  88. Barbara says:

    The Ashfield Cardigan. I love the patternwork on the front opening – beautiful!

  89. Carol Perecman says:

    Hi, I hope to knit the Salem Hoodie–I like hoodies, and this one is a little different, a dressier hoodie. Looking forward to seeing the book!

  90. Bethany says:

    Sitting here in Providence, I feel like I should say the Providence Hoodie. However, I really love the Mystic Pullover and the Old Port Pullover. Both are named for places I enjoy. My daughter loves the Mystic Aquarium and Old Port in Portland is one of my favorite weekend getaway locations. Additionally, I love the collar on the Mystic Pullover and the cabling on the Old Port Pullover. I can’t decide which one I want to cast on for first.

  91. Beth says:

    If I have to pick just one it would be the Montague vest. I love the lace detail on the back.

  92. chemgrrl says:

    The whale watch hat! Because whales! Are awesome!

  93. Brittani says:

    I’m in mad love with the Providence hoodie!

  94. megan says:

    The Mystic Pullover or the Brattleboro Hat! I love the simple style – it reminds me of home in New England!

  95. Liz says:

    Love the Old Port Pullover… can’t wait to find some great yarn for it.

  96. Megan says:

    Digging the zig-zags: Mystic Pullover

  97. Sharon G. says:

    Though I am bummed that there aren’t any projects named after my hometown of Manchester, NH…I do LOVE the Old Port Pullover. After living in Portland for many years, I know how special the Old Port is, and this sweater sums up the charm and grace of it perfectly!!! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!!!
    heffalump23 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  98. jj says:

    I love pretty much everything in that book. I think my favorite is the Montague Bulky Lace Cardigan. *Love*

  99. diana says:

    It was a tie..I flipped a coin and Old Port Pullover won and Melrose Pea Coat very, very close second. Cables, seed stitch, detail, beautifully finished…whats not to love. Really the entire book is beautiful, so many knitable patterns, North Hampton Neckerchief, Cranston Coat , Fairfield Sweater and of course the awesome little whales hat.

  100. Bethany says:

    The Providence Hoodie is at the top of my list! In a dark brown yarn, it’ll fit in with most of my fall/winter wardrobe and it looks like the perfect cardigan to wear while playing in leaves or apple picking!

  101. Jurga says:

    All these patterns are amazing, but the Greenfield Cardigan is at the top. Why? It’s just very VERY beautiful… 🙂

  102. Dulce says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket, I love the ribbons and who doesn’t love a hood?

  103. Jenness says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket because I think I could use light materials to make it the perferct winter COAT for the desert in Tucson.

  104. Christina says:

    The Mystic pullover is at the top of my queue. I love hidden pockets. I love the zig-zag detail. I even love that blue. But I would make everything in this book. The designs are all so lovely.

  105. diana says:

    The Greenfield cardigan. I adore it’s simply yet elegant shape and the leaf details. I can never have too many cardigans and jackets. (A close second is the Salem Hooded jacket for the sweet ribbon detail.)

  106. Gabriela says:

    I love all designs in this book!! I have some in my queue; at the top I have Cranston Coat; I like to knit cardigans, and the lace collar is gorgeous!!!

  107. Courtenay says:

    The Mystic Pullover is at the top of my queue. Why? The name, the zig-zags, the contrasting pockets, the organic yarn, and that cozy collar. I could see myself wearing this out for a hike, or to my local coffeeshop. Congrats on the book!

  108. DC says:

    the Salem Hooded Jacket is my favorite. I love the ribbon strung throughout the yoke, the soft silhouette, the pockets and the hidden snaps. Brilliant!

  109. Robin says:

    Fabulous book!

  110. Irene says:

    All of them! But definitely the Whale Watch Hat. Beautiful!!!!

  111. michelle says:

    I’ve had Melissa’s book on my wish list forever– would love to win a copy!

  112. Dina says:

    Honestly, the Whale Watch Hat has been on my mental queue for quite some time, but there are a few sweaters I’d like to make too.

  113. anne says:

    The Whale Watch hat is almost at the top, but the number one spot goes to the Chelsea Skirt – love that lace detail!

  114. Beverly says:

    The Hampton cardigan. I also have my eye on the Whale Watch hat.

  115. Tara-Marie says:

    I think the Salem Hooded Jacket is my #1. Simple construction with really cute pockets, & I love that ribbon detail!

  116. janella says:

    Salem hooded jacket because of the sweet ribbon.

  117. Tobie says:

    These are wonderful patterns. I love that hat and the skirt.

  118. Lauren says:

    As an upcoming student teacher (this fall, yikes!) I am always looking for items I can layer, that are both professional enough for teaching, but casual and comfy enough for a regular day. The Hampton Cardigan is perfect! I can layer it with a beautiful blouse or dress it down with a simple t-shirt! It’s great for teaching in front of the classroom or pulling a late night in the library.

  119. Kate says:

    Wow! I have to say that New England Knits is one of those books that you just want to knit everything from! The Augusta Cardigan is at the top of my queue though. You can never have too many cozy cabled cardigans, especially in Canada! But it’s not just the cables that I love about this cardigan. I love the name! My street’s name is Augusta and I have so many great memories in this house. It’s warm and cozy and filled with people and pets that I love. And that’s why the Augusta Cardigan is my first choice from New England Knits.

  120. Shannon says:

    I love the Providence Hoodie…so cozy and the style really suits the title of the book which makes me think of waves crashing onto rocky beaches. The type of sweater you want to snuggle down into. Love it!

  121. kelly-ann (on ravelry) says:

    I am loving the Whale Watch hat – super cute!

  122. Linda says:

    the Middlefield Pullover is next for me to knit.

  123. vivian says:

    mystic pullover for sure!!! it just looks too cozy and comfortable not to make 🙂

  124. Mary says:

    I LOVE the whale watching hat and my daughter would wear it well.

  125. adrienne says:

    I’m sort of torn – I’m loving the Providence hoodie, but the Mystic pullover is awesome too. (it’s totally the pockets. Pockets belong in everything!)
    What a great looking book!

  126. hannah says:

    The whale watch hat, for sure. Every hat needs some sea-creatures! I do love the Chelsea skirt as well, it makes me look forward to fall!

  127. Libby says:

    Definitely the Whale Watch Hat. I love the spouting whales on the top row. Beautiful color combination. Whole thing is too cute.

  128. Kirsten says:

    The Montpelier jacket – so unique and named after a city I loved visiting!

  129. Cindy says:

    i don’t know, there are too many! but I have never knit a skirt, so I am going to say the chelsea skirt.i love the details: the lace trim and buttons!

  130. Leah says:

    I’m all about the salem hooded jacket!! I love Melissa’s designs!

  131. Elise says:

    I love the look of the Hampton Cardigan and the Salem Hooded jacket.

  132. Sarah says:

    The Hampton Cardigan! It has such beautiful lines, and will even look good on my long torso. Adore!

  133. Katherine says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket is at the top of my list! I love the gorgeous texture and the cute ribbon running through it!

  134. Mary says:

    I really loved the Salem Hooded Jacket – I like the texture and the details!

  135. Willow says:

    The Chelsea Skirt! I have never seen such a chic wearable knitted skirt before. This skirt to me is the epitome of New England. I live in Burlington Vermont and a skirt that one can wear spring, winter, and fall is the ultimate fashion find. It will look beautiful with my maryjanes, Fryes,and Sorel’s!

  136. heather says:

    I love the Whale Watch Hat! It’s whimsical but still something an adult can wear…

  137. Peggy says:

    All of the designs are beautiful. If I had to pick one that you listed on your page I think I would love to make the Whale Watch Hat. It’s whimsical and I adore the colors.

  138. Jenn says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I would love to cast on the Providence Hoodie!

  139. Maryse says:

    This book will be a huge success, it already is! My favorite (I see I’m not the only one!) is the Hampton Cardigan. However, I think all patterns are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  140. headythreads says:

    I love Love LOVE the Mystic Pullover…pockets, cowl neck, zigs AND zags. Just lovely!

  141. Preeti says:

    I love the pockets and the cable motif on the Mystic Pullover!

  142. Nicole says:

    OMG the Salem Hooded Jacket of course. I just ♥ the ribbon detail !!!

  143. Erika says:

    Loooove the whale hat!!!!

  144. carlarey says:

    Everything in this book is on the list for my fantasy life which takes place in Maine and allows me to wear sweaters year-round, look cute in hats, with no hat hair afterward, and not develop a flaming red nose when the temperature drops below freezing.

  145. Annie says:

    Definitely the Derry Raglan with cowl. Where I live, the weather can change in the heartbeat and I love the functionality of the optional cowl and the look of the sweater with or without it!

  146. Anne says:

    The Mystic Pullover and Melrose Peacoat are right at the top, but the Groveland Satchel is not far behind. In reality I want to make every single thing in this book. Love love love it all : )

  147. Cynthia says:

    I love the Mystic Pullover but I really love most of them equally. Thanks for the interview!

  148. Michelle says:

    Though I am really liking the Mystic Pullover and the Chelsea Skirt, The Montague Bulky Lace Vest is at the top of my list because it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s modern, feminine and the kind of item you would see in a store. And when people ask you where you bought this beautiful vest you can smile and I say “I made it” 🙂 I also love how practical it is. The weather in Toronto changes everyday, and a vest like this would come in quite handy.

  149. Jeannine says:

    I love them all, but Salem Hooded Jacket is at the top of my list. Love the ribbon detail and the rustic quality of the yarn. There is so much texture in that sweater. It is going to the top of my queue.

  150. Alli says:

    I am crazy about the Salem Hooded Jacket! I think that is the sweater I will make first from the New England Knits book. The ribbon is just genius!

  151. Daisy says:

    The Greenfield cardigan is first on my list. Thanks for asking!

  152. Laura says:

    all the patterns are lovely, but my two favorites are the chelsea skirt and the greenfield cardi. i really really really want to knit that skirt. 🙂

  153. Hannah says:

    The Salem Hooded Jacket is AMAZING. So cool and funky but also has a vintage feel.

  154. kate says:

    I have been waiting for the release of this book — mostly so that I could make the Mystic Pullover. I’ve been waiting to make the perfect sweater to throw on with jeans and feel cozy and comfortable, but still look sweater-chic.

  155. Alison says:

    I’m thinking the Mystic Pullover first and then the Chelsea Skirt next. I can’t waitto get my hands on this book.

  156. Julie Hoekstra says:

    The first thing I would knit would be the Chelsea skirt.

  157. Courtney L. says:

    The providence cardigan is at the top of my queue. I am always in need of sweaters for the office (it feels like a new england winter sometimes!) and i like the contrasting edges!

  158. amber says:

    so hard to choose- but i love the cover sweater! it sold me on the book instantly (although i would have bought it anyway, since i love their designs so much!). the whale watch hat is a close second. when i saw the picture i actually clapped my hands in excitement. i am a big dork. 🙂

  159. Amanda says:

    I have to select the Mystic Pullover as being the first one I want to knit, because I can justify wearing it over t-shirts every day. Plus, it has POCKETS!!

  160. Andrea says:

    I really love the Mystic Pullover. It is gorgeous but still casual which is my go to.

  161. Karla says:

    LOVE the Montpelier Jacket. I love the detail in front.

  162. ElectricMo says:

    The Montpelier Jacket for sure! It looks so comfy, and the colorwork is sweet. It really is quite an amazing book!

  163. Zuzana says:

    Chelsea skirt is just adorable!! So this is on top of my list.

  164. Izumi says:

    I fell in love with Hampton Cardigan . I love everything about this cardigan. I love lace + Garter stitch, and the construction of the garment.I would wear it everyday!!
    Just beautiful, no other word needed.

  165. Murfomurf says:

    Definitely Melissa’s Salem Hooded Jacket- the stitches are simple and strong; it would look ideal with jeans and the ribbon threaded through is a great touch that takes it out of the ordinary!

  166. Peggy says:

    Mystic Pullover for me, though it’s hard to choose among so many lovely patterns. I have a weakness for zigzag texture patterns and I love pockets! It’s one of my pet peeves that women’s clothing is often sadly lacking in pockets.

  167. Pam says:

    Middlefield pullover is def at the top of my queue. Love what Melissa has done with the texture and detailing. Would be perfect for the office and on the weekends this winter!

  168. Lisa says:

    Everything looks amazing, but the Northhampton Kerchief is at the top of my queue with the Groveland bag, Chelsea Skirt and Salem Hooded Jacket close behind.

  169. Shani says:

    The Whale Watch Hat! I think I need its preppy awesomeness in my wardrobe. Heck, if I had the hat, I’d have to schedule a whale watching trip primarily for the purpose of wearing it. Seeing actual whales would be secondary.

  170. Eliza says:

    wow. What beautiful knits!!
    I am a big fan of the Montague Bulky Lace Vest, probably because I have been looking for something like it for at least a year now. I love layering, and have found that a short sleeved sweater is just the thing in the fall, or adds and extra layer of warmth over another sweater in the winter. I would love to make the Montague Vest.

    PS. where were these knits photographed? It looks like Belfast, Maine but I can’t put my finger on it.

  171. Laura F. says:

    This book looks amazing!
    My first project would be the Northhampton Kerchief . I know someone who has a birthday next month .I looks like a quick knit and would look beautiful on her.

    Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  172. Dorothy says:

    I can’t wait to start knitting from your book. My first project would be the Hampton Cardigan, and second, the Montague Bulky Lace Vest. They’d be very versatile for work and elsewhere. Your designs are practical but very fresh.

  173. kat says:

    The Chelsea Skirt, hands down.
    I’ve long been hoarding a small pile of dark indigo denim yarn to make a skirt, but (2 years later and counting now) I hadn’t had any luck finding a pattern I liked (or actually thought I could make!) until now. This is it–Chelsea Skirt, here I come…


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