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A brand New Opus!

No, not this Opus (but don’t you all wish?  Cutest. Mutt. Ever.)


THIS Opus!



It had been almost 2 years since Kate published the pattern, and re-knitting, updating and tweaking it slightly was always in the back of her mind.  Armed with a week of vacation in Maine, some beautiful ocean-esque colors (blue tourmaline + sapphire) and gorgeous weather, she finally found the perfect opportunity!

You can check out the new page here. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A brand New Opus!

  1. Ivana says:

    It would be nice to know what the general mods are in comparison to the original… For orientation purposes : )

  2. Foxglove says:

    Just dropping in from Ravelry. Having seen your comment that you preferred a charitable donation in lieu of payment I wanted to let you know that the SPCA has received $5.00, because I want to make one.
    (P.S. The pup is adorable.)

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