Fall Cardigan Collection Preview

For your viewing pleasure, and in an effort to continue the cardigan theme from the last post, we thought we would share with you images from our second for sale pattern collection.  We’re shooting for an end of July ‘availability’ date and they will be wholesaled to shops + for sale on the site in the same manner as our first collection of Hats.


This collection came about almost by accident.  As you very well know, we recently did a book with Interweave Press due out in the beginning of 2011.  Before we crazily knit the 20 garments and accessories for the book, we were both working on a few different sweaters for ourselves and future publication through Kelbourne.  Once the book knitting was finished, we re-opened the project bags that contained the long-forgotten sweaters and realized we subconsciously had a blue cardigan theme in the works.  The rest, as they say, is history!


As with the hat collection, it was important to us to cover a broad range of styles and techniques in order best show off the different yarn qualities and garment possibilities while still sticking to our (hopefully unique) aesthetic.  This collection is (oh-so-creatively) named Collection 2: Cardigans and features lace, textured stitch patterns, Fair Isle and even a little bit of crochet.  Our goal was to make vintage inspired sweaters with small details that were not only interesting to knit, but also produced wearable garments.


The photo shoot for this one was especially fun.  Kate’s mother in law, Lynn is a talented architect and photographer so we knew immediately when planning the shoot that we would love to have her do the photography for us.  Conveniently, one of the designers featured in this collection, Jenny Ujiie lived near Lynn as did another beautiful friend of Kate’s, Kate Magner Kuhn, and they were wrangled (umm…coerced slightly) into being our models.  (Sidenote, if you need an excellent web designer, Kate’s husband Noah is incredibly talented and easy to work with. He, sadly, didn’t do the Kelbourne site for us, but we wish he did!)


The photo shoot was done in Brookline, Massachusetts right as the magnolias were in bloom.  We were so lucky to have perfect weather and beautiful locations at our disposal, and are very happy with how the shoot turned out!  For the names of the cardigans, we wanted to pay homage to the beautiful area where the photo shoot occurred, so each is named after a street (or in the case of Olmsted, a person) in Brookline.


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Full shots of the sweaters and specific details below!


Perrin: An a-line cardigan featuring Terra in Yarrow.  Designed by Courtney with a structured look and soft feel in mind.  Three quarter bell sleeves, a wide neckline and tailored armholes complete the look.


Emerson: A shawl collar cardigan featuring Organik in Atoll + Arctic Tundra.  Designed by Kate, with a slightly longer body length and inspired by plaid wovens.  Fair Isle fronts, set-in sleeves and waist shaping on the back complete the look.


Olmsted: An all over lace patterned cardigan designed by Jenny Ujiie featuring Canopy Worsted in Palm Bud + Canopy fingering in Orchid.  Knit in pieces then joined for a seamless raglan yoke.  Quirky crocheted flowers complete the look.


Hawthorn: A delicate garter yoke cardigan featuring Road to China Light in Aquamarine.  Designed with simple shaping and a playful puffed sleeve cuff.  Vintage buttons complete the look.


Winthrop: An open cardigan featuring Road to China Worsted in Lapis knit in pieces then joined for a seamless yoke.  Slipped stitch details at the cuffs and yoke and an i-cord edge complete the look.

(All photograhps by + © Lynn Osborn.)

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  1. Nancy J says:

    Just my style!! Can’t wait til July.

  2. […] to have thought of everything that a knitter would need to know while working them.  Also, I love Kelbourne Woolens’ new fall cardigan collection, especially Winthrop.  That would make such a great sweater for a […]

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