Kelbourne Woolens - now with more Facebook!

We decided to make a little Facebook page in order to share more info about our yarns, patterns, and general happenings in our lives.  We are not yet "twitterers" ("tweeters"?), and probably will never be, but are on Facebook, so thought it would be a nice additional way to be in touch with you.

You can find the page by clicking here, or when you are logged into Facebook by searching "Kelbourne Woolens".  Once you "like" the page - which you should! -  it will show up in your news feed and you can get updates on new patterns, projects, blog posts and maybe a little give away or two!


the truth comes out.  we are actually insane.

(In terms of our personal Facebook pages, feel free to friend us -- just search for our names -- but be aware, Courtney is a very very rare poster and Kate mostly uses her personal page as an additional form of communication for the animal shelter volunteering/fostering she does -- ummm....don't buy from a breeder! spay and neuter your pets! adopt! -- so you may find them to be, well...lacking relevant content if you're not into those sorts of things).