For Sale Patterns

Hat patterns now available online!

We are pleased to announce that our first collection of ‘for sale’ patterns is now available as individual downloads online for your knitting enjoyment!

We have set up the patterns to be purchased as direct .pdf downloads using Payloadz.  From the main wholesale patterns page, just select the hat you wish to purchase, and click the “click to buy” button listed in the top right corner.


This will bring you to your shopping cart where you can add more patterns directly, go back to the patterns page and browse from there or check out.  Patterns can be purchased either using a credit card or your paypal account. Once the purchase is complete, an email will be sent to your account with a link to download the .pdf.  (*We have tested — and re-tested — each .pdf and link, but please do not hesitate to let us know if you run into any complications with this process).

We hope you love this new way of accessing the Kelbourne Woolens/Fibre Company patterns!

* * * * * * * *

Some proactive answers to possible questions (but please do not hesitate to ask if you have any more!):

Why not Ravelry’s pattern purchasing option? Ravelry is a popular (for good reasons!) and easy to use method.  Because we are not one independent designer, but a design team made up of Courtney + Kate who also have the privilege of working with other talented designers, such as the the (insert never-ending slew of accolades here) and talented Melissa LaBarre, who designed the Krummholz hat and Fruktträdgård tam in this collection, there was no specific way (yet) to have the patterns listed for sale under our brand moniker (rav username) and still give the designers credit.  As a result, we went with Payloadz and very happy with them so far and hope you will be, too!

Why online?  Don’t you wholesale hard copies of patterns to shops? We spent a lot of time discussing the ins and outs, ups and downs, plusses and minuses (you get the drift) of offering the patterns for sale on the website (in contrast to just making them available in hard copy form from our fabulous stockists).  Ultimately, we decided to offer them for a few reasons.  Despite all of our hopes and dreams, not every yarn shop in the world carries our yarns and patterns, and as a result there are people out there who don’t have direct access to them.  In other words, we wanted a way for people to be able to purchase the patterns online if they did not have access to a LYS that carried them.  If you do have a LYS, though, that does carry our yarns and patterns, please DO buy from them directly.  Without the LYSs, we would not be here doing what we do, and the option to buy online would not exist at all.  (And, on a similar vein, if your LYS is a stockist but does not carry the patterns and you would like them to, please tell them you would buy directly from them if you did!)

Help! I’m confused and can’t download the pattern/don’t understand the directions/want to use the recommended yarn but don’t know where to find it! Don’t worry!  Send us an email with your question at info {at} kelbournewoolens {dot} com and we will be happy to help!  Please note we do check the email frequently, but you may find there is a brief delay on the evenings and weekends, but we will get back to you as soon as we are able!

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